Tips to deal with depression

There are times when we have mood fluctuations. We feel hopeless, sad, angry, etc. This happens
often in our daily lives and it is quite normal to have such emotional feelings.
When these feelings become quite intense and sometimes, without any specific reason then you
might be in depression. So if these feelings persist for more than two weeks then it is advisable
that you visit a mental health practitioner. The mental health practitioner would interact with you,
ask you certain questions and would probably tell you to complete a questionnaire based on which
he / she would be able to confirm whether you are in depression or not.
Depression is a word which gives goosebumps to many. There are times when people with
depression find it difficult to accept it or feel ashamed to bring it out in the open. The worst part
about depression is that people having depression may not even realise that they are going
through it. Depression in the long-term effects not only your mental health but also starts
hampering your physical health.
For a more detailed understanding of what is depression, kindly check this link.
In this article we will focus on some tips that can help you manage these persistent negative

Tips to deal with depression
1. Exercise – Exercise helps you to deal with depression by releasing chemicals like endorphins
which triggers a positive feeling in the body like morphine. Another advantage of exercising is that
it will make you physically tired which will allow you to sleep better at night.
Proper eating habits – It is important to remember that different food items can have different
impact on your mood. For example, foods like Banana, Orange, Walnut, Dark Chocolate etc. can
have an uplifting effect on your mood. Hence, it is a good idea to include them as a part of your

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2. Meditation – Different kinds of meditation can help to meet different goals. If you are in depression then we would highly recommend doing an external focus of attention meditation. Any mindfulness meditation where you are mindful about sensation on your body or what’s happening outside you can be extremely useful. We would recommend that during depression avoid internal focus of attention meditations like thought based meditation. If in doubt please consult a mental health
practitioner.rimika chawla
3. Maintain a journal – Depression often maybe a result of pent-up emotions which might have been
suppressed. So, when you start maintaining a journal and write what you are experiencing, the writing can provide you an outlet for these suppressed emotions. This can help you feel lighter in
your mind and in your body.rimika chawla
4. Plan your daily activities – set goals for your daily activities and try to achieve them. Achieving
them will help you boost your confidence. Spend a little more time on activities that you enjoy
doing.rimika chawla
5. Visit a mental health practitioner – A mental health practitioner will help you deal with depression by helping you identify deeper issues that may have led to depression. You can also learn different ways to help you change your thoughts, emotions and behaviours.
If you are having these issues or know of someone who has these issues please feel free to
contact the ICHARS therapist team on 8080208473.

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