Coaching and Therapy

Whether you are looking at defining your goals and accomplishing them or struggling with certain emotional, behavioural and psychosomatic issues, our coaches and therapists can be of help.


  • Emphasis on present and future
  • Action and being oriented
  • Solution oriented
  • Active, energetic approach
  • Focus on exploring and achieving the client’s potential
  • Coach and client ask: “What’s next/what now?”
  • Takes the client form where they are and helps them move forward


Therapy or coaching -


  • Emphasis on past and present
  • Insight oriented
  • Problem oriented
  • Focus on healing and understanding the client
  • Therapist and client ask: “Why and from where?”
  • Examines unfinished emotional business from all stages of life.
  • Passive, reflective, background approach

All our therapists and coaches are extensively trained in

Cognitive Hypnotic Coaching & Psychotherapy

Person-centric, Solution focused approach that systematically works with the conscious and unconscious processes affecting a person’s physical, emotional and mental health.

Based on integration of:

  • Clinical Hypnotherapy (including guided imagery, Free association, meditation, deep relaxation…)
  • Elements of Cognitive therapies (Positive Psychotherapy, Solution focused brief therapy & CBT)
  • Neuro Linguistic Programming
  • Models from Life Coaching
  • Mindfulness
  • Metaphors

Cognitive Hypnotic Coaching Psychotherapy -

Coaching and Therapy Session Format

Individual Sessions

Our practitioners begin by helping you define the end objective or outcome that you seek to accomplish through the session. Next step is to identify and overcome the hindrances (lack of resources, lack of skills, negative thoughts, negative emotions, beliefs, past experiences…..)  that may be holding you back from achieving these outcomes.

Couple Sessions

Although all couples have a unique dynamic, there are often themes that come up that may cause suffering, confusion, withdrawal, and even fear or hopelessness at times. The sessions focus on helping partners understand themselves and each other better in a way that enables them to be happy within themselves and with each other both.

Child & Adolescent Therapy

Offered for children age 8 and above to address a range of concerns that might include anxiety, depression, trauma, behavioral difficulties, adjustment issues, grief and loss, divorce, school related problems, or relationship difficulties. Modalities provided during counseling sessions might include talk therapy, play therapy, family work, cognitive behavioral therapy, dream work, journaling, and mindfulness guidance.

Charitable Sessions

In collaboration with the ICHARS Support Foundation, every Wednesday from 2 pm to 6 pm at the ICHARS Center in Mumbai. The charitable sessions offer an opportunity for clients who are having financial difficulties to work with their problems at a highly subsidized cost.

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