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A therapist can be defined as a professional who helps people gain insight about their life, helps them develop an understanding about their problems and solutions and facilitates productive change towards the solutions.
A good therapist should have knowledge about and understanding of multiple aspects of human existence which includes but in not limited to emotions, behaviours and working of the mind. Also a good therapist should not just be competent in their specific specialisation but should also have other skills like communication, rapport building, effective listening, questioning……
The knowledge, competency and skills that a good therapist requires are not static. In the constantly evolving world that we are living in even the knowledge, competency and skills that a therapist has needs to continue to evolve.
“For Therapist” tag is a part of all those posts that contains information which will help therapists (psychologists, coaches and other mental health practitioners) enhance their knowledge, develop their skills and become more competent in ways that is useful in their therapeutic practice with clients.

Just Catharsis is not enough?

Introduction In this post we will look at the concept of catharsis, why is it important and why it is …Read More

Profile PhotoNitin ShahMarch 14, 2017

Regression – A Defense Mechanism

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Profile PhotoPaulomi Pandit UpadhyayMarch 14, 2017

Are you using Sublimation as a Psychological defence?

In this article / video we will focus on understanding the defense mechanism of Sublimation Compare it with displacement how …Read More

Profile PhotoNitin ShahJanuary 27, 2017

Hypnosis, What is it? and who can benefit by learning it?

Following is a transcript of an interview on Hypnosis. The topics covered include what is hypnosis, how it helps & who …Read More

Profile PhotoNitin ShahJanuary 1, 2017

Why integrate Hypnosis with CBT?

On the face of it, Hypnosis and CBT appear to be very different approaches to therapy. Each has its own …Read More

Profile PhotoNitin ShahNovember 12, 2015

Positive Intention – Does every behaviour really have one?

Introduction You will find this post on positive intention extremely useful if you have been trying to: Understand why a …Read More

Profile PhotoNitin ShahOctober 3, 2015

Defense Mechanism of Displacement – Psychology Complete Guide

Introduction In this post, we will focus on understanding what is the psychological defense mechanism of displacement, why we use …Read More

Profile PhotoNitin ShahMay 7, 2015

The Powerful Emotional Empowerment Technique (EET)

Emotional Empowerment Technique (EET) is based on some of the principles of acupuncture and Hypnosis. It is a simple tapping …Read More

Profile PhotoNitin ShahApril 15, 2015

Suppression and Repression – Defense Mechanisms

Repression and suppression are very similar defense mechanisms, which people use in order for them to cope with a stimulus …Read More

Profile PhotoPaulomi Pandit UpadhyayJanuary 20, 2015

Fears and Phobias: Play of the internal world

Introduction In this post we will look what is fears and phobia and what is the best way to overcome …Read More

Profile PhotoPaulomi Pandit UpadhyayDecember 18, 2014

Rationalization – Psychological Defense Mechanism – Complete Guide

Introduction At times people will go to great lengths to attempt to “justify” a behavior that they know is wrong …Read More

Profile PhotoNitin ShahNovember 18, 2014

Understanding Anxiety (symptoms, types, causes & treatment): Complete guide

In this post we will focus on anxiety disorders: Meaning, types, causes and guideline that therapists can use for treatment. …Read More

Profile PhotoNitin ShahNovember 11, 2014

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