Raising Awareness and Insights with Cognitive Hypnotic Coaching – Coaching Competency

In this in-depth look at the 9th CHC Core Coaching Competency, we would answer three important questions: What do we …Read More

Profile PhotoNitin ShahSeptember 24, 2021

Behavioural Therapy: Techniques, limitations & its role in eclectic therapy

Behavioural psychology, or behaviourism, arose early in the 20th century. John B. Watson is regarded as the father of behavioural …Read More

Profile PhotoNitin ShahSeptember 10, 2021

Psychodynamic Theories: Concepts, Limitations and role in Eclectic Therapy

The psychodynamic theories includes all those theories in psychology which believe that human functioning is based upon the interaction of …Read More

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The most powerful and effective tool to develop and experience Mindfulness

Have you also wondered whether mindfulness is difficult or simple to achieve? Are you tired of hearing or reading this …Read More

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For therapists and coaches, Learning NLP without Hypnosis is Like…..

Conventional therapeutic practices typically took a long time to yield results that clients look for. This led to a search …Read More

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What is Confidentiality in Therapy? – With Exceptions

Before you read any further, we must emphasize that client confidentiality in therapy is an integral part of a therapist’s …Read More

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2 NLP Presuppositions related to Choices that you must know about

In this post, we are going to explore something really important i.e. choices and we do so with the help …Read More

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Are you some one you know struggling with Negative Self-Talk? – 5 Quick actionable tips to create Positive Self-Talk

We all talk to ourselves more often then we think. The quality of internal chatter also known as self-talk to …Read More

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Is Self-Doubt and lack of Self-Belief stopping you from reaching your goals? – 5 simple tips

Astha has clear goals in her mind. She is aware of the steps to be taken to reach her goals. …Read More

Profile PhotoMamta SharmaNovember 30, 2019

15 Unhelpful thinking styles that you need to be careful about

Introduction We communicate with ourselves with the help of our thoughts. The quality of our thoughts is one of the …Read More

Profile PhotoMisba ShahNovember 26, 2019

Self-Concept – What is it, why you must know about it and its importance in Psychotherapy

If you were to introduce yourself in a few sentences, how would you define yourself? You will mostly rely on …Read More

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S-O-R theory from behavioural Psychology: Complete Guide

Introduction In this post we will focus on one of the most important concepts from behavioural psychology, namely: the S-O-R …Read More

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