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Confidence Counselling – Case Study: Help clients overcome social phobia

Recently, I received a call from Shyam (name changed) who had a Fear of public speaking and facing the camera. …Read More

Profile Photorheakeshwani27 KeshwaniAugust 3, 2021

Case Study on Anger Management Counselling

Recently, I received a call from Rahul who was unable to manage anger. He was wondering whether therapy can help …Read More

Profile Photorheakeshwani27 KeshwaniJuly 27, 2021

Executive Coaching – Case Study

Recently, I received a call from Jay (name changed) who was Feeling stressed, overwhelmed and weighed down because of his …Read More

Profile PhotoNitin ShahJuly 20, 2021

Grief Counselling – Case Study: How to help clients overcome grief

After losing her grandmother, Rima was experiencing lack of interest in her work, relationships and life in general. She connected …Read More

Profile PhotoNitin ShahJuly 15, 2021

Case Study on Separation Counselling

Recently, I received a call from Anu (name changed) who was struggling with Emotional issues and psychosomatic pain in her …Read More

Profile PhotoNitin ShahJune 20, 2021

Decision Coaching/Counselling – Case study

Recently, I received a call from Priya (name changed) who was trying to overcome indecisiveness about whether she should continue …Read More

Profile PhotoNitin ShahJune 15, 2021

Sexual Abuse Counselling – Case Study

Recently, I received a call from Tina (name changed) who was struggling with her childhood memories of sexual abuse. She …Read More

Profile PhotoNitin ShahJune 7, 2021

2 NLP Presuppositions related to Choices that you must know about

In this post, we are going to explore something really important i.e. choices and we do so with the help …Read More

Profile PhotoNitin ShahDecember 6, 2019

Why learning hypnosis must be mandatory for all counsellors?

In this post we will focus on understanding what is the role of a counsellor and how hypnotic counselling can …Read More

Profile PhotoNitin ShahNovember 16, 2019

The Subtle Art of Saying NO – Complete Guide

Introduction Knowing when to say NO and saying NO when it is important to say No is the key to …Read More

Profile PhotoNitin ShahJuly 10, 2019

Did you know, Sleep Deprivation is killing your relationship and your career?

Introduction Sleep Deprivation is a common problem in today’s society, affecting most of us at some point in our lives. …Read More

Profile PhotoPranjul SomaniJuly 7, 2019

Step by Step guide to use Hypnosis for Alcohol treatment successfully

Did you know that you can use Hypnosis for Alcohol Treatment? easy-tweet tweet=”In fact #Hypnotherapy can be very effective for …Read More

Profile PhotoNitin ShahMarch 9, 2019

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