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Live Online Life Coaching Certification

Develop High Level Coaching Skills and Learn to take Coaching Sessions online with the path breaking SOFT SEA™ Life coaching Certification guaranteed to bring you more clients by creating epic results in their lives.

Why this Course?

The course provides step by step guide to set up a future proof Coaching Business with advanced skills that no other Coaching Course equips you with

Coaching Skills Other Programs SOFT SEA Certification
Defining Clients Goals Clearly
Understand Clients current reality
Create detailed Plan of Action
Act as Accountability Partner for Clients
Understand Awareness ≠ Change
Help Clients identify and change their thoughts and emotions
Empower Clients resolve internal conflicts

Awareness ≠ Change

You have been in a situation
where you knew what you had to do but
were not able to, haven’t you?


Waking up in the morning, managing diet or keeping calm in specific situations

I am sure you can think of more such examples, can’t you?

What stopped you?

Your thoughts and emotions

Thoughts like:

girl thinking thoughts stopping her - Life Coaching Certification

Emotions like:

Feeling Anger that triggers instinctively, sense of helplessness, feeling overwhelmed

Journey from a good to great coach starts with learning how to help clients change their thoughts and emotions

And that is why we created the


Advanced coaching model for you,
if you are already a Life Coach, Trainer or HR professional

Instructor Profile

About Nitin Shah

Nitin Shah is an internationally renowned transformative coach who is committed to guiding change facilitators like Coaches, Psychologists and Trainers into their highest potential.

He began supporting change facilitators in 2012 after understanding the limitations of the existing support available both in terms of quality of training and willingness for mentorship.

Nitin specializes in working with an eclectic approach to coaching and therapy that seamlessly integrates concepts and techniques from Classical Psychology with Hypnosis, NLP, Mindfulness, Metaphors and Advanced Coaching Models.

Today, Nitin has put together all his best coaching tools and strategies from over a decade of experience as a transformative coach. The holistic techniques you’ll learn in this course are based on Nitin’s unique approach to coaching based on the SOFT SEA Coaching Model, which when you master will give you more powerful results and impact with your clients. In turn, you will naturally attract more clients and build a thriving business as a phenomenal coach.

Nitin Shah - Life Coaching Certification
Course Dates: July 13 to 17 and July 20 to 24
Time: 6.30 pm to 9.30 pm

*3 hours every day for 10 days

Certification Options


For existing Coaches
15,000 + GST
  • Instructor Led Live Online Sessions: 20 Hours
  • Pre-Recorded Online Courses: 8 Hours
  • Certificate of Participation


For those with no existing coaching background
27,000 + GST
  • Everything included in the participation option
  • 16 Hours of Mentorship over 8 Weeks
  • Guidance and support with setting up practice
  • Feedback on Case Submissions
  • Certificate of Completion
  • Rights to use the title SOFT SEA Coach

Course Format

  1. Check out the course page and Select the enrollment options that suits your requirement.
  2. Complete the Online Foundation Course before the session starts
  3. Attend the part 1 of the live course. Learn the core concepts and Basic Coaching Models like GROW, RE-GROW, T-GROW
  4. During the week complete the online modules and related workbooks on:
    • Success Principles
    • Brand Building
    • Rapport Building
  5. Attend the part 2 of the live course. Observe and Practice the Advanced SOFT SEA Coaching model along with other models like EI-COACH and PAUSE
  6. Receive Certificate of Participation
  7. If enrolled for Mentorship:
    • Attend Weekly Mentorship Program
    • Submit 4 cases and wait for feedback on the cases
    • Receive Certificate of Completion


Why Life Coaching Certification?

Life Coaching is one of the fastest growing businesses worldwide and there is now an incredible scope to grow your own practice within the field.

What is the ROI?

Most of the Coaches trained with us charge between Inr. 2000 and Inr. 10000 per session. 

Average no. of sessions per client is 8.

Even if you begin your Practice by charging INR. 1000 per session you are earning 8,000 per client. In two clients you recover the cost of training program and in another 2 you cover the cost of mentoring and case submission.

And clients you work with after this is your profit.

Also given that coaching sessions can be conducted online via video meetings, your fixed costs are almost nil and the work you do is future proof.

What is SOFT SEA and what does it stand for?

SOFTSEATM is an acronym for an extremely powerful coaching model (developed at ICHARS), used successfully by hundreds of coaches and therapists to create change effectively.


The letters in SOFTSEATM represent a stage S (Situation), O (Outcome), F (Future), T (Tasks), S (Summary), E (Evaluation) and A (Assignment).

Why SOFT SEA Model?

SOFT SEA CoachingTM is a proven model of life coaching with a Solution-Focused, Person Centric approach, to enable clients to create rapid, sustainable change in their lives.

Unlike most life coaching models, SOFT SEA Life Coaching Certification doesn’t stop at setting goals and giving your client a daily dose of motivation. It is a comprehensive, structured-yet-flexible model of creating and sustaining change.

You not only help your clients set a precise goal but also create a compelling future and an actionable task plan. In addition, you can identify mental hindrances (specific thoughts, emotions, positive intentions…) that may be stopping your clients from executing the plan of action and help them effectively overcome those hindrances.

Overall, the SOFT SEA Life Coaching Certification program equips you to take the clients from where they are to where they want to be, naturally and automatically.

What will I be able to do after this Life Coaching Certification?

Upon the completion of the SOFT SEA Coaching Program, you will be able to:

  • Will be able to use the SOFT SEA model for goal setting and accomplishment
  • Help your clients design a specific outcome, a sensory specific future and a precise action plan
  • Apply a Solution-Focused, Person Centric approach in coaching clients
  • Ask the right questions in order to elicit the right information at the right time
  • Actively listen to your clients without bias and judgement
  • Be able to encourage the client to build self-awareness and recognition of their own skills and capabilities
  • Understand and efficiency apply tools to help the clients overcome obstacles in executing the plan of action
  • Help clients become accountable for their actions and also to recognize their progress
  • Help clients observe, understand and change their thoughts and their emotions
  • Resolve internal conflicts that clients experience during the coaching process
I am already a coach, how will I benefit from this course?

If you are a coach already, you have probably noticed how many clients are not able to execute certain actions that are critical to accomplishment of their goals, despite their conscious willingness and commitment to do so. This is usually the result of conscious or unconscious mental/emotional hindrances. SOFT SEA Life Coaching Certification program helps you work with these hindrances so that your clients can perform all the tasks on their list, naturally and effectively.

I am a trainer, how would I benefit from this course?

As a trainer, you are already working with participants and helping them create a change in their lives. But may times participants are looking for private one to one sessions to receive more personalized coaching. This program helps you develop the skills to work with clients effectively in one to one sessions for creating more sustainable changes.

These skills allow you to develop an additional source of income from your existing set of participants.

I am an HR Professional, how do I benefit from this course?

As an HR professional, you are already an agent of change within your organization.

Your job may involve:

  • Leading executives achieve their career goals
  • Helping managers become more aware of and responsive to their teams
  • Enable all employees to design more fulfilling and productive careers.

Through the SOFT SEA Coaching Certification program, you will be able to do all of the above more efficiently and also help your organization grow and adapt to constantly changing business environments.

Still not convinced?

Watch this Free webinar

A comprehensive question and answer session about Life Coaching, Life Coaching Certification and SOFT SEA Model of Coaching.

Webinar: SOFT SEA
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