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Most of us wish we could improve certain things about ourselves. These improvements maybe related to the way we think, the way we feel, our skills, behaviours, lifestyle or even the end result (outcome) we seem to be achieving. Talking to people around us, introspection, reading Self Help articles and attending self help programs are generally some of the things most of us do to create these improvements. A lot of self help material (training programs and articles) is mired in ideas about positive thinking that are at best ineffective and at worst destructive. To clarify some of these concepts so that you can apply them safely and more effectively we add some articles from time to time on the ICHARS blog. These articles are marked with the tag “Self Help” and are made available on this page.
Please Remember: Diagnosis and treatment of emotional / mental disorders requires trained mental health professionals. Self-Help Pages should NOT be used as a substitute or alternative for seeking professional care for the diagnosis of any psychological / psychiatric disorders. Nothing here is meant to replace professional advice or care from a qualified mental health practitioner. Please refer to the therapists and coaches directory to consult a trained mental health professionals.

Who is responsible for the mess we experience in our life?

Introduction There is a very interesting and powerful NLP Presupposition on being responsible: easy-tweet tweet=”We are all #responsible for our …Read More

Profile PhotoNitin ShahOctober 29, 2017

Are you or some you know experiencing learned helplessness?

SKY IS THE LIMIT Introduction Learned Helplessness is probably one of the biggest reason why so me people despite of …Read More

Profile PhotoNitin ShahJune 22, 2017

Manage Stress Effectively – Comprehensive Guide for Therapists and Clients

Introduction Stress is probably one of the biggest challenge that most people face today. Stress can be triggered by so …Read More

Profile PhotoNitin ShahJune 22, 2017

Happy Relationships – Top Tips – Complete Guide

Falling in love is the easy part. Sustaining, nurturing, creating and maintaining a relationship in which love cannot just survive …Read More

Profile PhotoNitin ShahMay 17, 2017

Understand the importance of goals in relationship – Why & How – Complete Guide

Introduction When two people come together to get into a relationship, them may be looking for a short term fling …Read More

Profile PhotoPaulomi Pandit UpadhyayMarch 13, 2017

After-effects of Breakup | 8 simple tips to help you move on naturally

Introduction In this post we will look at simple tips that can help people move on from a relationship after …Read More

Profile PhotoPaulomi Pandit UpadhyayFebruary 10, 2017

Hypnotic Sexuality is the key to happier, healthier relationship

The Concept of Emotional and Physical Sexuality from hypnotherapy is probably the most useful concept for understanding relationships and how …Read More

Profile PhotoPaulomi Pandit UpadhyayJanuary 27, 2017

NLP Anchoring – the secret to move from goal setting to goal accomplishment

Introduction Most people set goals, quite a few even create a plan of actions but very few actually achieve their …Read More

Profile PhotoNitin ShahOctober 5, 2016

Understanding why goal setting doesn’t work and discover super simple things you can do to make it work?

Introduction The whole point of setting a goal is to be able to accomplish it. Understanding why goal setting doesn’t …Read More

Profile PhotoNitin ShahJanuary 20, 2015

What is Mental Health? Why is it important?

Mental health is one of the most spoken about topics in today’s day and age. Right from celebrities to medical …Read More

Profile PhotoMamta SharmaJanuary 20, 2015

Focus on solutions: Why and How?

Introduction The first thing that most of us do when faced with adversity appears is to focus on the negatives. …Read More

Profile PhotoNitin ShahDecember 18, 2014

Tips on wording of suggestions

What are suggestions? Suggestions are statements spoken with a view to bring about some change in the person being spoken …Read More

Profile PhotoNitin ShahJuly 25, 2014

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