Family Constellation




Family Constellation

Just as the Planets and the Stars have
their own place in the Universe
and are the held together by invisible forces,
So are you within your Family

The word Constellation refers to a group or configuration of elements i.e. ideas, feelings, characteristics, objects, etc., that are related in some way. It is this relationship between the different elements of a system, that is at the heart of any problem. The problem can be related to any system be it an individual, a family or an organisation.

Reasons participants join a family constellation workshop:

Money and Success
There are times when certain people do all they consciously should to earn more money or get success but yet continue to struggle with their business or feel stuck in jobs. They feel trapped.
Self Love
Many people are hurting inside. They’ve never truly experienced a deep sense of self-love & self-compassion. Some may even carry heavy feelings of shame, unworthiness and unloveability.
Especially when there has been a long, constant, painful struggle involving:
  • a pattern that is manifested in different relationships
  • a specific person(s) / relationship
Then there is also the struggle that revolves around the sense of lack of support. There is this feeling of having to do it all by themselves. Even when they know that people around them love them and care for them still the feeling is that they can’t get the help they need.
No emotion is bad in itself but there are times when a person gets stuck in a specific emotion be it sadness, anxiety, grief or anger. Being stuck in these emotions can impact your lives for years. These emotions may also stop you from experiencing other things like love, trust or a sense of safety.
Chronic Health Issues
Many chronic health issues have their roots in deeper unresolved emotions which we may be unconscious of. These emotions can be a result of old pains and traumas that we carry in our bodies. These may be from our own life choices or connected to our ancestral past.
Family and Systemic Constellation is a powerful healing modality that can help you identify, understand and clear blockages, allowing the restoring of the flow of love, happiness and success in any area of your life:
  • Family
  • Finances
  • Health
  • Creativity
  • Parenting
  • Romance
  • Sexuality
  • Spiritual development

Process of Constellation

  1. A group is formed with around 10 or more participants, which is facilitated or led by the constellation facilitator.
  2. From amongst the group, one participant is picked up to work with their issue, whom we can call a client or a seeker.
  3. After a brief and factual interview with the facilitator, the key elements which become the basis on which the constellation is set up, are identified.
  4. The client is asked to intuitively select the representatives for the elements from the group members. All the other members of the group except the seeker and the representatives are called observers. If during the constellation, additional representatives are required, they are chosen from the observers. While the observers are not active participant of the constellation, they are playing the role of an objective observer who may as a part of the constellation get insights into their own problems and resolutions.
  5. Once the client has short listed the representative to represent specific elements in the constellation, the client will intuitively arrange these representatives in a position and at a place that feels right to them in the moment. The client chooses a place for himself or herself to sit and observe the interplay that happens between these elements.
  6. The representatives stand still and silent in their places for some time. Initially, unlike psychodrama, the representatives do not act, pose, dialogue or role play. The representatives are asked to connect to what is known as “the informing or knowing field”. The Knowing Field guides participants to perceive and articulate feelings and sensation that mirror those of the real family members or elements they represent. The representatives have little or no factual knowledge about those they represent. Nevertheless, the representatives usually experience feelings or physical sensations that very closely resemble those of the elements that are being represented.
  7. The facilitator may ask each representative to briefly report how they feel being placed in relation to the others. From here onward, based on the arrangement of the elements, their responses to the enquiries by the facilitator and the way these elements relate and interact with each other during the constellation, certain insights emerge. These insights along with the way the different elements move and re-position themselves during the constellation helps get clarity about the problem and the resolutions.
  8. At the end of the constellation, the client or the seeker is asked to stay with the insights and the learning from the constellation. Based on these insights, the client may need to make certain conscious actions to move towards the resolution. In many cases the client also notices certain shifts taking place in his thoughts, feelings and emotions unconsciously. These conscious actions and unconscious shifts help the client move towards their resolution.

Remember Family Constellation is an experiential process, what you are reading here is probably not even the tip of the iceberg. The real power of constellations can really only be understood when you have experienced it first-hand.

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