T-Grow and RE-Grow Coaching Models explained

In the previous article we focused on the GROW coaching model, in this one we will focus on two variations of the GROW model called the T-GROW model and RE-GROW model.

Let us begin with the T-GROW model first. The letter “T” in the T grow model is an acronym for Topic. The idea behind T-GROW model was that at times clients come with multiple problems or topics and they try to talk about all of those problems or topics in the same session. This would lead to collection of information in a very unsystematic and haphazard way which could create more confusion than clarity. So as a way to ensure that the session is more planned and the collected information is systematic enough to create clarity, a coach will first begin by asking the client to identify a particular problem or a particular topic that they would like to work with. Once the client identifies that topic the session will revolve around that particular problem or topic and the standard GROW model will be applied.

In case of multiple problems or topics, each problem or topic would be considered and approached as a different coaching assignment.

Now that you understand the T-GROW model, let us quickly look at the RE-GROW model of Coaching. The letters “R” and “E” in the RE-GROW model stand for Review and Evaluate. The idea behind this model was that a coaching assignment doesn’t end in one session. There are multiple sessions required to help the client achieve their desired outcome. Hence in every subsequent session before we use the GROW model, we need to review and evaluate the impact of the previous session. In short when we add Review and Evaluation to GROW model, it becomes RE-GROW Model.

`There are many other coaching models but as mentioned earlier we prefer using the SOFT SEA model that you can learn in the classroom module (Level 1) of the CHCP course. The course focuses on learning to use Coaching competencies with change processes from Hypnosis and NLP in an integrated manner.

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