GROW Model of Coaching – Explained

Now that you know understand what is a coaching module and what is its purpose, in this post, we will talk about the GROW coaching model. Over the years this model or framework has grown in popularity due to its broad scope of application, ease of use and effectiveness.

Each letter from GROW represents a step that the coach takes the one being coached through. GROW stands for

  • Goal
  • Reality
  • Options
  • Wrap up
Some schools use the expression “what next” while others use the word “Will”, instead of wrap up. But they are really speaking about the same thing.

The objective of the first step in the GROW model is to help the client decide & get clarity about their goals. The questions that a coach asks the client include:

  • What would you like to achieve as a result of this session?
  • What would you like to get from the next 30 minutes?
  • Describe your perfect world

The coach may also ask what is known as the “miracle question”

Suppose tonight, while you slept, a miracle occurred. When you awake tomorrow, what would be some of the things you would notice that would tell you that your life had suddenly gotten better?

Once the client has clarity about his / her goals, the next step is to help them explore and get an understanding of their current Reality. Questions that a coach asks a client includes:

  • On a scale of 1-10 where are you in relation to your goal?
  • What has contributed to your success so far?
  • What strategies have use used that have not worked for you?
  • What skills do you already have that can help you achieve this outcome?
  • What skills would you need to develop to achieve this outcome?
  • What progress have you made so far?
  • What is working well right now?

The coach may also explore if the chosen goal is in sync with other goals and objectives they have or not. The coach can ask a question like:

  • Does this goal conflict with any other goals or objectives you have?
  • What would you have to give up, to accomplish this goal?
  • How would you make time to work towards this goal?

Now that the client has an understanding of where they are and where they want to go, the next step focuses on helping the client consider the different Options and ways that can help them reach where they want to. Here the Coach work with the client to brainstorm options, as well as possible actions that have already been taken. The questions that a coach asks the client includes:

  • How have you tracked this or a similar situation before?
  • What possible options do you have?
  • Give me five options that can help you move closer to your goals?
  • If anything was possible, what would you do?
  • What else?
  • What are the advantages and disadvantages of each option?
  • What factors or considerations will you use to weigh the options?
  • What do you need to stop doing in order to achieve this goal?
  • What obstacles stand in your way?

Once each of the options have been considered and weighed with respect to other options, during the Wrap up phase, the Coach works with the client to help the client identify specific steps and obstacles, write an action plan and finally check for commitment to act on the specific actions that have been identified. The questions that a coach asks during this step include:

  • Which options work best for you?
  • What one small step are you going to take now?
  • What actions will you take?
  • When are you going to start?
  • Who will help you?
  • How will you know you have been successful?
  • How will you ensure you do it?
  • What could stop you moving forward? How will you overcome this?
  • On a scale of 1-10, how committed and motivated are you to doing it?

Once the client gives a commitment, the session would generally come to an end.

With each session, the client’s reality begins to change as they start moving towards their goals. This process is followed by the coach and the client in each session which helps the client moves towards their goals in a systematic and effective manner.

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