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She is a Certified Psychological Counselor, Clinical Hypnotherapist and a Life coach. She believes in a holistic approach through yogic management.

She has been a major contribution in developing a course which links the psychology behind Rajyoga Meditation.

She has worked as an intern in Psychiatry ward at MASINA Hospital. Conducted group sessions along with various activities and facilitated Seniors in yoga therapy. It is a part of N.G.O service, gave lectures on value education and creative meditation in school and organized summer camp for children. She deals with clients of all age groups.

Niche area is to help people to deal with their emotional and behavioural issues. Her vision is to make this world a beautiful place to live in and spread the vibrations of love and happiness. She is also a part of the Research Wing that is Sparc Brahma Kumaris. Research includes how meditation (That is spirituality) can be combined with science and psychology.

Practical application of research has been done to see the effect of meditation techniques and various scientific tools were used.

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