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Nitin Shah
Trainer / Coach
Founder: ICHARS Support Foundation CEO: Institute of Clinical Hypnosis and Related Sciences (ICHARS) Author: Destiny of Choice Nitin Shah is an internationally renowned transformative coach who is committed to guiding change facilitators like Coaches, Psychologists and Trainers into their highest potential.

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Trainer and Therapist - CHII -2009 to 2012 CEO, Lead Trainer - ICHARS - 2012 to Present Director - ICHARS SF - 2019 to Present

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He began supporting change facilitators in 2012 after understanding the limitations of the existing support available both in terms of quality of training and willingness for mentorship. His powerful combination of qualifications and life experience has made him a world-renown master coach who can move people out of suffering and limitation, and into fulfilment. He has trained over 800 mental health professionals including 300+ coaches and 400+ psychotherapists. As a therapist, trainer and coach, he has touched over 50000 minds. He is now working towards improving the quality of available mental healthcare. The various training programs he conducts under ICHARS are focused on helping psychologists and coaches develop advanced therapeutic and coaching skills based on a unique eclectic approach that integrates concepts and practices from major fields of psychology (Cognitive, behavioural, humanistic and psychodynamic) with Clinical Hypnosis, NLP and different types of Meditations. With ICHARS Support Foundation (ICHARS–SF) that is an NGO, he focuses on creating awareness about mental and emotional wellbeing. ICHARS–SF organizes free workshops, seminars, and group activities for parents, students, teachers and individuals to equip them with effective tools for managing their emotional and physical state. Under ICHARS–SF, Nitin has also initiated certain initiatives to help people deal with COVID19 and Lockdown related Anxiety and Stress. These initiatives include video-based support groups, phone helplines and daily talk show.
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