Top 10 Long Distance Relationship Problems / Challenges

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“Absence sharpens love, Presence strengthens it”


Long Distance Relationships (LDR) can be VERY TRICKY. If you are deciding whether or not to go for a long distance relationship, you might be wondering: Is it right for you and the person you are with? Do long distance relationship works? What is the most challenging thing about it? How often should you text or talk on the phone or visit each other? How do you stay present at the moment or happy, when you’re alone and not with them? How to maintain a happy, loving relationship? Below are some hurdles that take place in an LDR with few Psychological effects related to it and some tips and pieces of advice on how Cognitive Hypnotic Coaching and Psychotherapy can help in making it work.

10 Potential Challenges/Problems IN LDR :

Let’s be honest: Every relationship has its ups and downs. Long-Distance Relationships (LDR) come with their own unique set of complications. 10 such potential challenges & problems have been explained below:

    Conflicts are a part of every relationship. When you add distance into the mix, new problems arise. Whether you have been in long distance for two weeks or two years, you know that being away from your partner creates conflicts. As you move apart, you get less time and in turn have lesser discussions which give conflicts more space in your relationship. Conflicts also arise due to the fact that you don’t want to do something but you are forced to do so. It may even take place when it seems like a one-sided effort to keep the relationship going.
    There are many things which the partners have to share with each other especially when you reconnect after a long time. So, many times instead of making memories and enjoying the moments you have, you end up fighting on what you don’t have. The expectations are sometimes not met and you end up having more differences than you had before.
    As it is said, distance makes the heart grow fonder. Constantly having the mindset of wanting to know more about your partner right then can affect the dynamics of your relationship. You start to lose out on your patience level. You start focusing on the negative and overanalyzing on the things which lead towards the relationship becoming toxic. It makes the relationship complex and you begin to have second thoughts about it.
  4. Travelling:
    Travelling is one of those things that may affect the relationship the most. The cost of travelling is high and it also requires time from your side to travel to your partner. It becomes extremely difficult to be involved in a deep conversation without you meeting the partner. It acts as a barrier to the relationship and creates a gap between the two.
    When it comes to communication, there are two things which screw up the relationship. One is the lack of communication and the other is miscommunication. Lack of communication makes people feel lonely. The sense of loneliness may make you or the partner sarcastic. It starts with one partner sarcastically telling the other partner how the relationship is not their priority. If this sarcasm goes overboard, it can become the primary source of miscommunication.
  6. TRUST:
    Possibly the most common problem in all the relationships and not only in LDR. Mis-trust is the one aspect which LDR are very prone to. Because of the physical distance between partners, partners may find it difficult to trust each other completely. Due to the lack of trust, partners may start pulling apart mentally, causing more harm than physical distance. Problems are innate in a relationship but it is the lack of trust between couples which poses a serious threat to relationships.
    People cheat in all kinds of relationship and for all kinds of reasons. The odds are just a little higher when you are in an LDR. The common worry in most of the long-distance relationships is that their partner may have an affair while they are separated. Loneliness, lack of loyalty, bad friendships, vulnerability, lack of emotional connection, unmet sexual needs, alcohol, and drugs are a few of the reasons that may lead the partners towards cheating.
    Both you and your partner are sometimes not clear of what you want from the other one or from the relationship. What you and your partner expect out of a long-distance relationship goes a long way in determining your happiness and the success of the relationships. The unreasonable expectations not only affects the person who has it but affects the partner too and creates a sense of pressurization.
    There is no doubt that the long-distance relationship requires some amount of sacrifice. But don’t put your life on hold under these circumstances. It is important to be considerate to not sacrifice more than it is necessary. It may lead to resentment and regret over the span of time. Couples usually isolate themselves and not live their lives up to the point and they may seem to be lost.
    Sexual desire is like a glue that keeps both parties from drifting apart. By intimacy, I am not talking only about Physical intimacy but also Emotional one. Emotional intimacy is based on the deep knowledge of the partner we have. In the case of LDR, it may become very difficult to be aware of what the partner’s likes and dislikes actually are. Similarly, Physical intimacy comes from the comfort and the familiarity you get when you are close to each other. Whether be it kissing or hugging or sexual experiences. Due to the very limited time you get with each other, it is difficult to maintain the level of intimacy.


June 8, 2019
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