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3 Powerful tips to Develop Skills and Build Competencies with NLP and Hypnosis

Are you trying to develop skills or build competencies and failing continuously?

Even after you think you have tried almost everything to develop these skills?

Read on to understand how you can develop skills and competencies efficiently.

Easy tips to develop skills and competencies

  1. Become Self Aware

    develop skills with self awareness - develop skillsSelf-Awareness refers to conscious awareness of one’s own character and feelings. If you have identified the skills and competencies you need to develop, it means that you are partially self-aware. To enhance this awareness, it is a good idea to write, what steps you need to take to develop skills that you wish to develop.

  2. Develop Mindfulness

    The most important component of self-awareness is mindfulness. Being mindful of your actions and behaviours can help you discover what you lack and need to consciously work on. One way to develop mindfulness is to observe and note whatever you encounter on your way to building that competency. Out of those, check what it is that you need to continue doing, start doing and stop doing. Once you have the list, it will act as a reminder to yourself to do what is desirable and to stop doing what is not.

  3. Use tools like NLP or Hypnosis

    While mindfulness is a great tool, not everyone is able to start and stop doing things, as easily. For example, if you want to wake up early, you know you have to sleep early. But how do you even start sleeping early could be a big first step.

    This is where tools like NLP and Hypnosis work like magic.

Understanding what is NLP and Hypnosis

NLP or Neuro Linguistic Programming helps us reprogram our minds, using different techniques. Hypnosis helps us get into a state where we can align your subconscious mind to what you consciously wish to achieve. NLP and Hypnosis are similar because both work by reprogramming the subconscious mind.

Application of Hypnosis and NLP towards developing skills

Let me share my example with you.

hypnosis nlp develop skills eg public speaking - develop skillsI once was an extremely bad public speaker. I would go up on the stage and would not be able to say anything and come back due to extreme nervousness. In college, I had to deliver a presentation but I couldn’t do a decent job. It was so bad that I failed to get admission in MBA because I had no confidence in the group discussion round. Later, I came across NLP and Hypnosis.

What I experienced, was nothing short of a MIRACLE!

With the help of NLP, I discovered sensory acuity. It helped me visualise a positive future in which I could speak confidently on the stage and I found a newborn confidence.

Using hypnotic suggestions helped me enhance this visualisation even further.

NLP techniques – Anchoring and Levels of Transformation, aided in strengthening that confidence even more. This made me feel more in control and helped me immensely while speaking on the stage.

And the best part is, what you achieve with NLP and Hypnosis is sustainable. That means my confidence is here to stay. I do not have to keep going through the process over and over again.

These methodologies are highly effective and efficient in producing desirable mental states naturally and spontaneously, which in turn, help you achieve what you decide upon, consciously.

There was only a small example to help you understand how a skill or competency can be developed. After my success with public speaking, I actually started taking up each competency and started applying NLP and Hypnosis to get permanent and faster results.

If you are also struggling with developing any of your competency or skills Mindfulness, NLP and Hypnosis could be your answer. They can help you work on almost everything from your skills and behaviours to your values and beliefs.

If you wish to develop a skill or achieve a goal, seek a coach who utilises NLP and Hypnosis or call 8080208473 and we will put you in touch with a skilled life coach.

If you are a coach or practitioner, who wishes to learn and apply these extraordinary modalities in your own practice, check out this Internationally affiliated, integrated program HERE.

December 26, 2019
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