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Eclectic Approach that integrates

Clinical Hypnosis
Cognitive Approaches
Neuro Linguistic Programming
Conversational Hypnosis

Core Coaching Competencies

  • Meeting Ethical Guidelines and Professional Standards
  • Establishing the Coaching Agreement
  • Establishing a trust-based relationship with the client
  • Managing self and maintaining coaching presence
  • Flexible Approach that is Client-Centric
  • Engaged Listening
  • Powerful Questioning
  • Effective Communication
  • Raising Awareness & Insights
  • Designing Actions
  • Inviting possibility
  • Ecological Goal Setting
  • Overcoming Hindrances both conscious and unconscious
  • Managing Progress and Accountability

Course Objectives and Expected Outcomes

This level though called the Basic Practitioner Course, is anything but basic. You will not only learn to induce people into deep hypnotic trance, you will also learn to use the trance state to create a positive change. It is a power packed level which will transform the way you look at problems and the ways to resolve them.

What can you do after this level?

After this level you will be able to induce any willing person in a deep hypnotic trance and use the techniques demonstrated and practiced in this course to help yourself and others in many ways including:

  • Deep Relaxation
  • Stress Management
  • Confidence Building
  • Developing Self esteem
  • Goal setting & accomplishment
  • Developing Focus / Concentration
  • Sustainable Motivation
  • Emotional intelligence


  • Understanding
    • Working of mind & behaviours
    • Reasons behind problems
    • Basic emotions and their purpose
    • What is Hypnosis-therapy
    • What is Neuro Linguistic Programming
    • What is Coaching & how it is different from therapy
    • The benefits of integrating cognitive therapies like CBT, REBT with Hypnosis
    • Meditation, when to use it & when not to use it.
    • Suggestibility as the link to effective communication
    • New age philosophies & why they don’t work most times
  • Learning
    • Basic Coaching Models (GROW, RE-GROW, TGROW, OSCAR)
    • ICHARS designed Solution focused Coaching process “SO FACE THE SEA” to be used with hypnotic suggestions
    • To create non-invasive Suggestions & Imagery for achieving therapeutic objectives
    • If / then statements to create change
    • Script based techniques to induce deep hypnotic trances
    • Self-Hypnosis

This level aims at helping participants move beyond scripts by learning Ericksonian style (popularly known as Conversational Hypnosis) of Clinical Hypnotherapy along with developing sensory acuity and mastering the different types of anchors to create positive change.

What can you do after this level?

The level will enable you to provide a truly personalized experience for their client(s), participants by learning to construct scripts that are customized as per the needs, wants and requirement of the session/client(s) or the training program. Techniques learned will help you achieve faster results where suggestions were being used after level 1.

You will also be able to work with other areas like:

  • Free floating Anxiety
  • Stage Fears
  • Performance improvement

Other benefits for participants:

  • Trainers will also be able to use conversational hypnosis in training programs to get better results and deliver programs that actually create sustainable change in participants
  • People in the area of sales, marketing and advertising will learn to use conversational hypnosis as a part of their strategies
  • Learning to use conversational hypnosis for effective negotiations


  • Understanding
    • Conditioned behaviours
    • Ericksonian Hypnotherapy
    • Importance of sensory acuity and observation in therapies
    • Rapport and its influence on therapies
  • Learning
    • SUCCESS & CLEAR Coaching Model
    • Techniques to help clients access positive states and change existing problematic associations
    • To calibrate the client and develop rapport with unconscious
    • To use Milton model during interview
    • Application of indirect language patterns (Conversational Hypnosis) to induce deep hypnotic state
    • To create metaphors and use story-telling for achieving therapeutic change

This is the last level of the Cognitive Hypnotic Coaching. Participants after this level can submit 5 cases based on our coaching model to get their certification as Cognitive Hypnotic Coach.

What can you do after this level?

Techniques learned will help you in areas like:

  • Relationship Management
  • Behavioural Management
  • Allergy management
  • Psychological sexual dysfunctions
  • Overall Life coaching
  • Breaking destructive habits
  • Goal setting and accomplishment
  • Weight management
  • Performance improvement
  • Pain Management

Other benefits for participants:

  • Trainers will also be able to design more effective training programs and connect with participants more effectively
  • People in the area of Human resource, sales and marketing will be able to take interviews & negotiate even more effectively


  • Understanding
    • Causes behind relationship issues
    • How we communicate with self and others
    • Macrocosm, microcosm & homeostasis
    • Behaviours as unconscious strategies
    • Influence of beliefs & values on behaviours
    • Ecology
  • Learning
    • Advanced questioning & interviewing techniques
    • WHAT, PRACTISE & STEPPPA Coaching models
    • To create sustainable behavioural change
    • To work with beliefs & values effectively
    • Relationship coaching
    • About different learning styles
    • To identify & work with secondary gains
    • Quick techniques to manage emotional & physical pain

Based on the Unique and Powerful "SO FACE THE SEA" Coaching Model

Course Fees, Duration & Certifications

Level Duration Cost Certification
Online Classroom Home Study Normal Price Early Price
Level 1 4 hrs 27 hrs 10 hrs Rs. 15000 Rs. 12000* Basic Practitioner – CHC***
Level 2 4 hrs 27 hrs 10 hrs Rs. 16500 Rs. 13500** Practitioner – CHC
Level 3 12 hrs 45 hrs 60 hrs Rs. 27500 Rs. 22500** 1. Practitioner – NLP****
2.Advance Practitioner – CHC

*Complimentary access to Foundation course online module
**Use discount coupon received during the previous classroom level
***CHC stands for Cognitive Hypnotic Coach
****NLP stands for Neuro Linguistic Programming

Certificate of participation in Level 1 and 2 and Certificate of completion in Level 3

Why Choose Us?

Work with Conscious and Unconscious both
Integrating Online and Classroom Sessions
Unique and Comprehensive Eclectic Approach
Training and Coaching Support

Experience shared by Past Participants

  • The facilitators are great. They know what they are teaching. Nitin Shah could just have every answer to your question. This method of therapy is brilliant. Never knew a therapy... read more

    Arsh Anjum Avatar
    Arsh Anjum

    Great place to learn about NLP and Clinical Hypnosis..

    Deepak Tiwari Avatar
    Deepak Tiwari

    Hi, i have just completed my first level with Mamta Sharma maam, it was such an amazing experience here, learned about subconscious and its power of how it plays an... read more

    anushka channa Avatar
    anushka channa
  • It’s a great feeling of learning and being empowered. Thank you ICHARS for helping us in achieving yet another milestone in our professional career. It’s a pleasure being a part... read more

    Sakshi Jain Avatar
    Sakshi Jain

    Today that the course of Clinical Hypnosis is over, I proudly want to share that it was an amazing course that not just helped me grow as a hypnotherapist but... read more

    protima ekka Avatar
    protima ekka

    Misba Shah conducted the BPC - Level One programme and it was very insightful and engaging. She demonstrated very good grasp of the subject and was able to convey all... read more

    Steve Correa Avatar
    Steve Correa

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Key trainers

Misba Shah

Director & Trainer

A dedicated and passionate trainer cum facilitator with extensive experience in the domain of Human Resource, Training & Development and performance enhancement. She also heads the corporate training at ICHARS.

Nitin Shah

CEO, Facilitator & Content Developer

A trainer, Educator, therapist and life coach. He is one of the driving force behind this course and the way it has been designed, developed and conducted.

Mamta Sharma

Facilitator, Delhi-Coordinator & Content Developer

A Corporate Trainer, Advanced Life Coach, Neuro Linguistic Programming Master Practitioner and a certified Hypnotist.

Frequently asked Questions

It is a practitioner course for those working as therapists, coaches and trainers or those interested in becoming one.

The short answer, this course is not meant for them, there are other courses we have that will benefit them more.The long answer is that while during the course, our focus is to ensure that the participants develop advanced coaching and therapeutic skills. Skills that are powerful enough to transform lives. One of the most important features of the course is the emphasis on practicing these skills, not only with others but also yourself. In other words, each participant personally experiences the transformation in his/her own life. This personal transformation makes them internalize the true essence of these skills as well as gives them the confidence to work with others.

So, “Yes”, participants do experience breakthroughs in their own lives and can definitely bring changes in their own life, yet we only encourage people who are looking at becoming practitioners themselves to join us for this program.

Because in our understanding for a course to be highly effective, its format and style of delivery needs to be in sync with the end objective. So if the end objective is more focused, it is overall more effective.Also, we have noticed that giving practitioners certificate to those who were looking for self-help is not a good idea. Once they receive the certificate, they feel motivated to practice, if only to recover what they invested in the course. But if they were not focused on working with others during classroom practice and training, they do not have the necessary skills to become a practitioner.

At ICHARS, being responsible is one of our core values we wouldn’t be comfortable encouraging such practice.

The Cognitive Hypnotic Coaching program is a 3-level course.

  • Basic Practitioner
  • Practitioner
  • Advanced Practitioner

At each level, you learn a gradually complex set of skills, beginning with an elaborate interviewing and goal setting process and going up to enabling the clients to transform their entire lives.

Each level is divided into an online pre-classroom module, classroom training and post-classroom online module. The pre- and post-classroom modules are self-paced, completely online lessons that you can revisit as and when required.

The one-of-its-kind coaching certification program is unique because it –

  • includes best practices from the fields of clinical hypnosis, Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP), life coaching, cognitive therapies.
  • trains you to work with both conscious and unconscious hindrances that prevent people from achieving their goals
  • enables you to work with emotional states that enable clients to apply learnt skills effectively.
The online program can be initiated as soon as YOU ARE READY!!! You get access to your account and the online content as soon as you register for the program. The content is self-paced but you must complete it before you come for the classroom training.
At ICHARS, we value your goals and needs. Typically, each classroom training session would have 8-10 participants. This is done so that you get personalized attention as well have enough co-participants you can practice with.
If you have a Master’s degree in Psychology or you are pursuing the same, you can upgrade to the Cognitive Hypnotic Coaching and Psychotherapy program which after the completion of the Cognitive Hypnotic Coaching course.
The Cognitive Hypnotic Coaching program enables you to work with the unconscious hindrances that your clients/trainees may be struggling with.While most people are able to learn the skills required to achieve specific goals, they lack an enabling emotional state to apply those skills. This program enables you to help your clients/trainees with the right emotional states so that they can apply the acquired skills and resources and achieve their desired outcomes.

This is a frequently asked question and the answer depends on how you want to use your coaching skills.Here are the top 4 reasons we do not recommend a coaching federation certification.

  1. Cost – The cost of the training program more than doubles without any augmentation in content or training, if you choose a training that includes coaching federation certification.
    Apart from the training cost, there is a high additional time and cost investment (ranges from $300 and above, and if you fail to prove your knowledge or skills, you have to repeat the entire process all over again) for mentoring, case submission and other pre-requisites for a federation certification. Trainees often come to know about these details only once they have enrolled for a training program.
  2. Time – The time period required for a typical federation certification is one and a half years. Most people do not want to wait that long when they can easily finish training in 6-8 months.
  3. Clients – Most clients do not care about where you have obtained your certification from but on the quality of your results and your success rate. A federation certification does not equal a profitable coaching business.
    Credibility will come not from a federation certification but having your potential clients feel that you can help them resolve a problem or achieve a goal.
  4. Value – Any federation certification cannot give you the confidence you think it will. If you are looking to become a full or part-time coach working at an organization, or set up your own coaching practice, a federation certification is not a pre-requisite. The difference between the earnings of a non-federation certified coach and a federation certified one is not significant. Nor does an international accreditation affect your ability to coach your clients to achieve their dreams.

However, federation certification may help you get a meeting with corporate clients if you are a new practitioner and do not have your own clientele or relevant reference work/credentials. Yet the federation certification doesn’t guarantee that you would be able to get corporate assignments.

But if you still think federation certification is important, you can apply to Association of Coaching and International Authority for Professional Coaching & Mentoring and get accredited.

Completing the pre level online course is a pre-requisite to attending the classroom training. Post level online course is for your reference and hence completing the same is recommended but not a requirement for attending the next level.
We provide our participants the flexibility to join for a batch different from the one they enrolled for provided we are informed at least a week before the starting date of the batch you had enrolled for. In case you have to make changes less than 7 days before the batch starts you can but you will need to pay for the venue charges for the next workshop.

There are different ways in which we support our participants:

  • We have a whatsapp group only for participants where you can ask us queries about concepts and techniques covered during the course.
  • You can call ICHARS trainers for any queries which you would not like to discuss on whatsapp or for which you require a more detailed discussions.
  • The access to online modules is available to you for lifetime. We also keep updating these modules with newer information to ensure that our old participants remain in sync with latest updates in the course.
  • You can repeat any course you have attended with ICHARS by paying only the venue charges for the day you are attending.
  • If you are in Mumbai, you can join our charitable clinic and take sessions with clients under supervision
  • If you are a trainer and would like to incorporate some of the topics in your trainings, we also provide guidance for the same.
  • Through our tie up with citationsy, you also get access to many research papers for which you would otherwise need to pay for.

Apart from the above in the coming months we are also planning:

  • Video conferences for case discussions
  • To set up charitable clinics and provide internship opportunities in other cities
  • To promote our participants by registering them to a practitioners directory and promoting the same

We are also open for any other ideas with which we can help our participants. A lot of the above steps have been a result of suggestions from our existing participants.

Feel free to call us

Chaitali: +91-8080208473

Join us in this mission

To help coaches develop skills to work with not just the conscious and obvious hindrances faced by clients but also the ones that are hidden and unconscious.

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