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Quick and Effective ways to help people change


You will find metaphors to be a powerful resource moving forward

Metaphors have proven to be very effective:

  • For Diagnosis (Understanding the Problem)
  • For Creating Change (Resolving the Problem)
  • In one to one sessions (Coaching or Therapy)
  • In group sessions (Training Programs)
  • Engage the analytical part and bypass the critical faculty of mind

You can use metaphors for:

  • Influence your clients, participants or anyone else really to you wish to
  • Explain concepts and ideas in an engaging and effective manner
  • Work with clients who describe their problems in metaphors
  • Help clients get insights about problems or about life
  • Help clients relax, manage their emotions or pain and even introspect


The ability to create and use metaphors will help you improve the way you communicate in both your professional and personal life.

Course Curriculum

Metaphors – Introduction 00:03:00
What are Metaphors? 00:05:22
Diagnostic Metaphors – Introduction 00:02:02
Diagnostic Metaphors – Dreams 00:05:04
Diagnostic Metaphors – Abstract Drawings 00:03:06
Change Metaphors – Client generated 00:08:02
Change Metaphors – Therapist Generated – Stories, Idyll, Control 00:06:34
Change Metaphors – Therapist Generated – Revelation 00:03:15
Change Metaphors – Therapist Generated – Introspection 00:02:05
Change Metaphors – Therapists Generated – Reframe Metaphor 00:03:01
Transformational Metaphor Demo 00:13:24
Transformational Metaphor Explanation 00:02:00

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