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What you'll learn:

  • Help clients get insights about problems or about life
  • Explain concepts and ideas in an engaging and effective manner
  • Help clients with exploration and introspection of problems and solutions
  • Work with clients who describe their problems in metaphors
  • Help clients relax, manage their emotions or pain
  • Influence your clients, participants or anyone else really to you wish to
  • Use Quick and Effective ways to help people change

Metaphors have proven to be very effective:

  • For Diagnosis (Understanding the Problem)
  • For Creating Change (Resolving the Problem)
  • In one to one sessions (Coaching or Therapy)
  • In group sessions (Training Programs)
  • To Engage the analytical part and bypass the critical faculty of mind

Who should enroll for this course"

  • Counsellors, Psychologists
  • Coaches, Therapists
  • Trainers, Facilitators

Course Curriculum

Metaphors – Introduction 00:03:00
What are Metaphors? 00:05:22
Diagnostic Metaphors – Introduction 00:02:02
Diagnostic Metaphors – Dreams 00:05:04
Diagnostic Metaphors – Abstract Drawings 00:03:06
Change Metaphors – Client generated 00:08:02
Change Metaphors – Therapist Generated – Stories, Idyll, Control 00:06:34
Change Metaphors – Therapist Generated – Revelation 00:03:15
Change Metaphors – Therapist Generated – Introspection 00:02:05
Change Metaphors – Therapists Generated – Reframe Metaphor 00:03:01
Transformational Metaphor Demo 00:13:24
Transformational Metaphor Explanation 00:02:00

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