Get a deeper understanding of

  • The working of the conscious and subconscious mind
  • The benefits of integrating cognitive therapies with hypnosis for the purpose of creating a positive shift in your life or the life of your client.
  • What is Hypnosis, NLP & Life Coaching
The program would also enable you to obtain a foundation of knowledge as an aid to the eventual application of Clinical Hypnotherapy, Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP) & elements of cognitive therapies towards Life Coaching and Psychotherapy.

What are you going to get from this course?

You may have certain questions like:

  • Does hypnosis really work?
  • Why should I learn more about integrating Hypnosis & NLP with cognitive work? How would it really help?
  • Should I pursue a course that I know little about?
  • What if doing a course once is not enough for me?
  • Will I be able to integrate tools and techniques from this course into the skills I have developed from other courses?

Luckily for you, this online course has been put together in a way that you will not just get answers to your questions but also have a sound conceptual foundation from where you can directly start building competence to be the practitioner you want to be.

Whether you are a psychologist, psychiatrist, coach, motivational speaker or a student, this course IS perfect fit for you.
If you are pursuing a degree in psychology, the integration of hypnosis with NLP and elements of cognitive therapies will enable you to develop the practical skills required to help your patients or clients more effectively.
And, if you are a mental health professional or a trainer….. this course will not just provide you with more tools and techniques but would also show you new dimensions for the application of your existing methods.

Who must enroll for this course?

  • Psychologists, Psychiatrists, life coaches and others working in the area of mental health
  • Behavioural Trainers and Teachers
  • Students pursuing a course in mental health
  • Health care practitioners (Doctors, Homeopaths…..) interested in understanding mind-body connection.
  • Others who are looking for a deeper understanding about applications of Hypnosis and Neuro Linguistic Programming

Course Curriculum

Introduction to the Foundation CourseFREE 00:06:11
Difference between Coaching and Therapy 00:01:21
Comprehensive model for creating change 00:09:04
What is CHCP? 00:06:04
History of Hypnosis and NLP
History of Hypnosis – Mesmer, Braid, Erickson 00:09:31
History of Hypnosis – Kappas 00:05:28
History of NLP – 1 00:06:32
History of NLP – continued… 00:06:24
Quiz – History of Hypnosis and NLP Unlimited
Myths & Misconceptions
Understanding Hypnosis & NLP in short 00:03:13
Myths about Hypnosis 00:04:36
Myths about NLP 00:04:31
Quiz – Myths Hypnosis NLP Unlimited
Different models used in Coaching and Therapy
Different therapeutic models 00:00:47
SOR Model 00:07:28
ABC Model 00:03:07
Theory of Mind – FC 00:07:26
NLP Communication model 00:10:32
Psychoanalysis 00:04:01
Eclectic Approach 00:01:22
FLIP Model
FLIP Introduction 00:03:33
FLIP – Source of Problems 00:02:25
Guilt 00:04:02
Anger 00:05:34
Helplessness and Fear 00:02:21
Using FLIP 00:02:32
Hypnosis a state or process 00:03:25
Ways to induce hypnotic state 00:04:19
Quiz – Hypnosis & processes Unlimited
Introduction to Suggestibility 00:02:06
Examples of interplay of Suggestibility 00:10:10
Suggestibility and Hypnosis 00:07:24
Development of Suggestibility 00:06:07
Factors influencing Suggestibility 00:04:02
Suggestibility – Key Points 00:02:09
Course Structure and Final Thoughts
Overall Course Structure 00:05:17
Basic Practitioner Course – Level 1 00:02:22
Practitioner Course – Level 2 00:02:33
Advanced Practitioner Coaching – Level 3 00:03:04
Advanced Practitioner Psychotherapy – Level 4 00:02:10
Master Practitioner Psychotherapy – Level 5 00:03:21
Career Options after CHCP 00:02:21
Closure – FC 00:01:03
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