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A comprehensive introduction to different approaches to psychotherapy along with effective ways of integrating them into a seamless eclectic approach that works on all components of a problem be it:

  • Behaviours
  • Thoughts
  • Emotions
  • Beliefs
  • Values
  • Defence mechanisms
  • Secondary gain
  • Traumas
  • Repressed memories.

Course Curriculum

Understanding different layers of a problem 01:15:00
What is eclectic approach to therapy? 01:09:00
Basis of eclectic approach to therapy – Part 1 01:20:00
Basis of eclectic approach to therapy – Part 2 01:34:00
Behavioural Therapy 01:24:00
Cognitive Therapy – Part 1 01:15:00
Cognitive Therapy – Part 2 01:28:00
Psychoanalysis 01:25:00
Humanistic Approach 01:24:00
Working with Present 01:29:00
Working with Beliefs and Values 01:12:00
Working with Positive Intentions 01:03:00
Working with Intense Negative Emotions 01:09:00
Working with Phobias, Fears, PTSD and Free Floating Anxiety 01:19:00
Working with Grief, Anger and Guilt 01:30:00
Working with Psychosomatic Issues 01:29:00
Bringing it all together 01:26:00
Unhelpful thinking styles 01:14:00
REBT – Irrational Beliefs 01:38:00
Psychoanalysis – Defence Mechanisms 01:48:00
Mindfulness 01:27:00
Ecelctic Approach – Closure (Q & A) 00:54:00

Course Reviews


22 ratings
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  1. Avatar for Parul Khosla



    It was a very good experience!!!!

  2. Avatar for Janhavi Shashikant More

    Great Course


    Learning with ICHARS was fun!!! The content was of great quality. Doubt solving was up to the mark. And all the topics were useful and easy to understand.

  3. Avatar for Arti Mansinghka


    One of the most amazing content I have ever come across to. After taking up this internship I have truly learnt the whole new idea of counselling world. The explanation is too prompt and crisp to easily understand and to implement in counselling skills. One must not miss this!

  4. Avatar for Hasita Ivaturi


    A holistic learning experience. Every topic explained in excellent detail.

  5. Avatar for Sehajta

    Amazing course


    The course and the instructors are just amazing..โค๏ธ

  6. Avatar for Iyer Sudha Shridhar


    It was a really great to learn you people. Thank you.

  7. Avatar for Sehajta

    Amazing course


    The course and the instructors are just amazing..โค๏ธ
    Nitin sir is fullll of knowledge and the way he explains the concept is very simple

  8. Avatar for NOOR UL AIN SHAFIQUE


    Finished internship course. The course is full of practical knowledge and evidence-based learning. The wholesome content they shared didn’t see anywhere else.
    And learning for you people was really incredible.

  9. Avatar for Ashwini Nadagouda

    Interesting Course


    Enjoyed learning new topics and very well explained videos. Enjoyed it very much.๐Ÿ˜Š๐Ÿ˜Š

  10. Avatar for Ruhi

    Amazing experience


    Cognitive Eclectic Approach Course is an amazing journey to me..!!!!!

  11. Avatar for Shreya Handa


    Detailed and very informative course. Great practical exposure.

  12. Avatar for Vanya Chadha

    Enriching experience


    It was truly an amazing experience. Gained practical knowledge about the different techniques in the eclectic approach to therapy.

  13. Avatar for Nitika Arora

    Quality Content Course


    The course provided a holistic learning experience and practical knowledge about various aspects of psychotherapy.

  14. Avatar for Nisha Pagaria



    This course had everything that was important to learn for a psychology student. Everything was well explained.
    Thank you

  15. Avatar for Vishalakshi Salian

    Great learning ๐Ÿ˜‡


    Learning at the comfort of your time and space.
    It was time well utilised.
    Wonderful training from a wonderful trainer.
    Got lot of clarity on many topics.
    Grateful to Nitin Sir and Ichars team.

  16. Avatar for Shreya Bhatte

    Very informative


    It was a great experience! The content shared is very informative.

  17. Avatar for Kashish Qureshi

    Quality content and amazing experience


    The course is completely thorough and every doubt you might have, is answered within the session itself. Enriching experience and power packed with knowledge.

  18. Avatar for Shivantika Saxena

    Amazing well rounded course.


    A great course on different approaches to psychotherapy along with effective ways of integrating them into a seamless eclectic approach. It’s a well-rounded course that provides amazing practical insights that you won’t have an opportunity to learn elsewhere.

  19. Avatar for Padmaprabha

    Eclectic approach.


    Such an amazing course really.
    You get to learn so much and they way they explain is just perfect!!

  20. Avatar for Diksha Taskhedkar

    Gave a very good understanding of all the topics.


    The knowledge that Nitin sir and Mamta maam imparted along the length of the course will most definitely be very useful in the future. The course modules are broken down into into its base elements with each video going into depth about all aspects of helping the client with his journey towards wellness.

    Easy to understand and fun to follow.

  21. Avatar for Kashika Gulati


    This course was extremely useful and very very informative. The concepts have been explained with various examples, which made the learning extremely comprehensive and enjoyable.

  22. Avatar for Venus Babbar

    Very informative


    The experience was amazing. I learnt a lot. The internship is definitely worth it. Thanks to the whole team of ICHARS. ๐ŸŒธ

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