The content from this program and more is already covered in the level 2 classroom module of our Practitioner Course titled "Cognitive Hypnotic Coaching and Psychotherapy".If you are planning to join us for the practitioner course, you do not need to purchase this course separately.

Master the how, when, why, and where
to use covert conversational hypnosis
to create irresistible trances

Revealed in this program are Forbidden Secrets of
How to Influence People’s Minds (Without  Their Knowledge) and
Make them Follow Your Ideas during Normal Conversations!”

You can think of the various situations where these secrets will be useful for you, can’t you?.

How can Conversational Hypnosis help you?

In this self-paced online course that you will have lifetime access to, you’ll learn the concepts and language patterns of conversational hypnosis. Learning and using these concepts and language patterns will allow you to secretly slip your ideas into the mind of those you have conversations with.

They will not only accept and agree with ideas put forth by you, but they’ll do so for their own reasons, meaning you’ll face very little resistance. You can use these powerful patterns in all settings. Social, sales, romance, anywhere!

Who is this course meant for?

This course is perfect for anybody who needs to communicate with others and get their ideas accepted without resistance. Perfect for salespeople, parents, couples, coaches, therapists, trainers and in fact anybody that uses language and needs to convince others of anything.

Applications of Conversational Hypnosis?

What is really amazing about this course is that its application is not just limited to verbal communication but communication in any form.


On top of this, the mastery over these little known secrets will help you influence and persuade people not just in one to one situations but also in large groups.


It is for this reason that, this is a must do course for those in the area of training and development.
So, if you would like to influence & persuade people effectively in one to one or one to many situations, you must learn these principles and language patterns
Before enrolling for this course, ask yourself
  • Would you like to Build lasting fruitful relationships
  • Wouldn't it be in your interest to learn to Control and manage your own mind and behaviour
  • Will it be in your interest to Become a more effective communicator
  • Would you like to Increase your income by growing your opportunities to earn
  • Wouldn't you like to Influence people & effectively persuade them to do things

If answer for 3 or more of those questions is yes, you must do this course before the prices rise again

Course Curriculum

Getting Started with Conversational Hypnosis 00:01:16
What is Conversational Hypnosis? 00:01:14
Vague Language 00:08:02
Identify unspecified elelments 00:04:08
Pacing and Leading
Creating Rapport 00:05:33
Pacing & Leading – introduction 00:05:19
Pacing & Leading – Creating Cause & Effect 00:06:25
Pacing & Leading – Planting suggestions for future 00:02:19
Keeping suggestions vague
Deletions, comparative deletions & lack of referential index 00:05:10
Unspecified Verbs 00:07:06
What are linguistic presuppositions? 00:04:00
Types of linguistic presuppositions – 1 00:07:14
Types of linguistic presuppositions – 2 00:07:16
Ambiguity & its types – Phonological ambiguity 00:04:19
Scope & Punctuation Ambiguity 00:06:01
Syntactic Ambiguity & using ambiguity effectively 00:04:04
Indirect Elicitation Pattern
Embedded Commands 00:04:12
Making embedded commands more powerful 00:06:33
Negative embedded commands, embedded questions & conversational postulates 00:04:03
Final Thoughts
Making language patterns more effective 00:04:03
Quiz – Conversational Hypnosis Unlimited
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