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After learning about the basic hypnotic language patterns its applications in the online module and practicing these language patterns along with anchoring and metaphors in the class, here are demonstrations of these techniques for your reference.

Course Curriculum

More on Language Patterns
Yes Set Details 00:03:00
Open ended and Covering all possibilities Details 00:03:00
Truisms Details 00:04:00
Presuppositions and Mind Reading Details 00:10:00
Compound Suggestions and Contingent Associations Details 00:06:00
Hypnotic Binds Details 00:10:00
Indirect Elicitation pattern Details 00:10:00
Other Language Patterns Details 00:10:00
Representation System Details 00:04:00
Demo and Technique Scripts
Anchoring Details 00:21:19
Chain Anchors Details 00:10:00
Sample Indirect Script Details 00:20:00
Circle of Excellence Details 00:05:00
Metaphor – Garden Details 00:14:00

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  1. Avatar for Mai S. Ishak

    the power of association


    in cognitive psychology we learn about association being a powerful way of the mind remembers.
    in NLP we learn some powerful association techniques.
    Metaphors and Circle of excellence probably could come in very handy when one needs to get onself into a desirable state.
    thank you, dear Coach.

  2. Avatar for Dr. Dilip Joglekar



    Excellent steps to go through level two revision, audio quality at few places need improvement!!

  3. Avatar for Suman D Razdan


    Course it designed in a brilliant way . More videos required for understanding the practical approach

  4. Avatar for Rohan Rajesh Lele


    This course was really good. The detailing you did with respect to the language patterns to be used and the intricacies in them and how they are vital.. it was really good. I would just appreciate if you can add a few videos of language patterns demonstrations.

  5. Avatar for Harshita Saraf

    CHP post level 2


    Was really helpful, insightful and a quick revision.

  6. Avatar for Manikya Bhatia



    Being new to the course, remembering the processes could prove to be difficult. But having access to all the information here is very helpful.

  7. Avatar for Sakshi Sood


    very detailed and well explained methods ,though sinking it in all 2gether at once is difficult but repetitive reading and practice can make it clear.

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