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Course Curriculum

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Material to be used in sessions 00:00:00
Interview & Suggestions
Pre-induction Interview 00:03:00
FLIP Model 00:19:21
Suggestion formation process – Do’s & Don’ts 00:04:00
Demonstrations - Hypnosis
Demo & Practice Session – Handshake Induction 00:03:07
Demo & Practice Session – Hand Magnet induction 00:03:05
Demo & Practice Session – Reverse Count induction 00:10:00
Demo & Practice Session – Arm Raising induction 00:12:05
Demo & Practice Session – Auto Dual induction 00:10:14
Demo & Practice Session – Dave Elman induction 00:07:15
Demo & Practice Session – Deepening techniques 00:14:24
Demo & Practice Session – Complete sequence 00:16:28
Personal Growth
Self Hypnosis theory & practice 01:30:00

Course Reviews


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  1. Avatar for Mamta Sharma

    Great Experience


    The post level material is a wonderful bonus add-on to classroom learning. One can practice easily with the help of the resources in the post level module.

  2. Avatar for Padma Puppala

    Post Level online module, a quick refresher


    These modules provide a wonderful short recap of the learnings from the elaborate 3 day class room work shop. Continued access to the material will certainly help learners who do not practice hypnotherapy routinely.

  3. Avatar for Reshma Ashar

    Learning through practical application approach


    I have indeed been so privileged to learn various concepts during the CHP Post Level 1 online module course. Along with theory the practical applications shared during the course was very helpful.

  4. Avatar for Rachna Mongia

    Need help with dream analysis


    Although the course content was super, I have few doubts regarding dream analysis. I am actually finding it difficult to assess dreams. What if one sleeps at around 3 am at night and sees a dream at 6 am for example, is it processing dream (phase 1 of sleep)? Second qquestion, what if someone takes a nap in afternoon and sees a dream then, what kind of dream will it be?

  5. Avatar for Kavita Sharma Vishnu

    CHP Level 1


    It’s like a Magic!!!!!! Looking forward to learn more about Hypnosis!!!!!!

  6. Avatar for Suman D Razdan


    All the modules are very well explainatory . I’m very happy to join this course at ICHARS. Looking forward to join Level 2

  7. Avatar for Priyashi Srivastava


    This post level 1 course is a perfect lookout with detailed revision of workshop classes. This boosts up confidence and knowledge about the course. Very well presented.

  8. Avatar for Harshita Saraf



    It’s very brief and concise summation of level 1 course.

  9. Avatar for Srividya Janani V Iyer


    Level 1 was a very crisp and enriching experience.really insightful and delightful to attend.
    All our life our mind has been trained to think in detail about all negatives and the past very vividly.
    So it was a brilliant concept how to think very vividly about our future and feel it everyday.
    I liked the training as it was personal ,filled with lot of personal experiences and lot of hands on coaching.
    I am looking forward to doing the next levels and help many more patients in a deeper way.

  10. Avatar for Nisha Narendar Jhangiani

    Post Level 1 Course


    This was very helpful in reviewing the material we covered in level 1. It is useful having these videos to brush up on our techniques in between modules.

  11. Avatar for Mohammed Ashraf Khatri


    The training was very successful and interactive. Misba helped develop the confidence of all individuals by using hands on activities to bring out the best in each participant.
    Misba’s confidence and passion for what she was teaching came across well.
    The session compels you to question your current approach and look for ways to influence your performance
    Will definitely be putting into practice all I’ve learnt

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