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A must do course for Psychologists, Coaches and Trainers who want to build their brand and get more clients

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Nitin Shah
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Have you ever come across

  • Someone who had this incredible ability to connect with people almost instantaneously?
  • Someone who would easily make people feel understood?
  • Someone that people would want to open up and share with?

Would you like to develop and make use of this ability?

If yes, then this course is for you

What you'll learn:

  • Developing sensory acuity and skills to calibrate
  • Understand what rapport is and why it’s so important
  • Powerful practical techniques to build rapport
  • Make it easy for others to want to be in rapport with you
  • How to maintain rapport throughout all your communications
  • Know when you have broken rapport and how to get back on track
  • Avoid the unconscious behaviours that spoil rapport
  • Create an Environment of Agreement

Course Curriculum

    • Course Introduction 00:00:45
    • What is Calibration? 00:06:15
    • Things to Calibrate 00:04:33
    • What is Rapport? 00:03:25
    • Ways to Establish Rapport 00:05:01
    • Ways to Match and Mirror 00:08:02
    • Pacing and Leading 00:10:05
    • Indicators of Rapport 00:01:24
    • NLP Representational System – Introduction 00:12:00
    • Predicates Accessing Cues – NLP Representation System 00:04:11
    • Eye – Accessing Cues – NLP Representation System 00:02:05
    • Other – Accessing Cues – NLP Representation System 00:04:04
    • Applications – NLP Representation Systems 00:05:00
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Nitin Shah
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About Instructor

Founder: ICHARS Support Foundation CEO: Institute of Clinical Hypnosis and Related Sciences (ICHARS) Author: Destiny of Choice Nitin Shah is an internationally renowned transformative coach who is committed to guiding change facilitators like Coaches, Psychologists and Trainers into their highest potential.

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