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What you will learn:

  • A Proven 3 Step Self-Hypnosis Method
  • Discover the Power of Your Mind
  • Understand How to Use Self-Hypnosis for
    • Setting Effective Goals and Create an Inspiring Future
    • Overcoming Unhealthy Thinking Patterns
    • Achieving your goals

What you will be able to do:

  • Induce yourself in a hypnotic state for the purpose of deep relaxation
  • Define crystal clear goals, an inspiring future and a solid plan of action
  • Create and Run Auto Suggestions to bring the plan of action to life
  • Change unhealthy thinking patterns

Who should attend this program:

This course is specially designed for individuals who want to –

  • be able to stay calm, relaxed and at peace
  • achieve their goals effectively and effortlessly
  • replace unhealthy thoughts with healthy thoughts naturally

This LIVE Online Course on Applied Self-Hypnosis is a completely experiential course in which you will learn not only to quieten your inner chatter and feel calm and peaceful but also work on long term goals and create the life you want to live.

Course Curriculum

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