Online courses for developing skills that are useful for Psychologists, Coaches and Trainers

Brand Building For Psychologists Coaches Trainers Online Course - Brand Building for Psychologists

Brand Building for Psychologists, Coaches & Trainers

Not just learn to create your own personalized cost effective branding strategies but also develop intrinsic motivation to apply those strategies

Metaphors Online Course -

Metaphors in Therapy & Coaching

What you’ll learn: Help clients get insights about problems or about life Explain concepts and ideas in an engaging and …

TAKE THIS COURSERs.4,900 Rs.2,450
Building Rapport Online Course -

Building Rapport quickly & effectively

Have you ever come across Someone who had this incredible ability to connect with people almost instantaneously? Someone who would …

CHCP Foundation Course -

Foundation Course in Cognitive Hypnotic Coaching and Psychotherapy

Expert Led Free Online Course on application of Hypnosis and NLP towards Coaching and Psychotherapy. Start your Eclectic Hypnotherapy career by learning about Hypnosis, NLP, CBT.... online.

Questioning skills -

Effective Questioning Skills

Effective listening and effective questioning are like the two sides of the same coin. You cannot experience the benefits of effective listening without effective questioning and you cannot ask effective questions without effective listening.

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Ultimate guide to love dating relationships online course -

Ultimate Guide to Love, Dating & Relationships

What you’ll learn: Get a greater understanding of your self and what you are looking for from a relationship Learn …

TAKE THIS COURSERs.3,750 Rs.1,875
Online Course in Conversational Hypnosis or NLP Language Patterns

Conversational Hypnosis

Revealed in this program are Forbidden Secrets of how to Influence People’s Minds and Make them Follow Your Ideas during Normal Conversations!

TAKE THIS COURSERs.3,750 Rs.1,875
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