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Online courses for developing skills that are useful for Psychologists, Coaches and Trainers

Online Course Eclectic Approach to Psychotherapy -

Eclectic Approach to Psychotherapy

A comprehensive introduction to different approaches to psychotherapy along with effective ways of integrating them into a seamless eclectic approach that works on all components of a problem be it behaviours, thoughts, emotions, beliefs, values, defence mechanisms, secondary gain, traumas and repressed memories.

4,150 0
Relationship Online Certification - Relationship Coaching

Online Relationship Coaching & Couples Counselling Certification

An easy to use, practical and step by step guide to help clients with relationship issues via online counselling or coaching

8,000 6,000
Anxiety Counselling Certification - Certification in Anxiety Counselling

Online Certification in Anxiety Counselling

A certification program based on techniques from CBT, NLP, Metaphors & Mindfulness that provides practical step by step guide on different ways to quickly and effectively work with anxiety​

9,000 4,500
Brand Building For Psychologists Coaches Trainers Online Course - Brand Building for Psychologists

Brand Building for Psychologists, Coaches & Trainers

Not just learn to create your own personalized cost effective branding strategies but also develop intrinsic motivation to apply those strategies

Metaphors Online Course -

Metaphors in Therapy & Coaching

Explore the world of metaphors and its application in helping clients not just understand themselves better but also creating the desired changes in their lives

4,900 2,450
rapport building online learning outcomes -

Building Rapport quickly & effectively

A must do course for Psychologists, Coaches and Trainers who want to build their brand and get more clients

900 450
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