There is no single definition of NLP or Neuro Linguistic Programming. Some call it practical psychology; many define it as the study of excellence while some practitioners say it is a manual for the mind.

This tag is added to all those posts that can help you understand the different concepts of NLP and their application in different areas of life.

For therapists and coaches, Learning NLP without Hypnosis is Like…..

Conventional therapeutic practices typically took a long time to yield results that clients look for. This led to a search …Read More

Profile PhotoMamta SharmaJanuary 5, 2021

How to become a powerful leader with Hypnosis and NLP?

Introduction In this post we will not just focus on understanding what is leadership and how it is related to …Read More

Profile PhotoMamta SharmaFebruary 18, 2020

3 Powerful tips on How to Develop Skills and Build Competencies with Cognitive Hypnotic Coaching

Are you trying to develop skills or build competencies and failing continuously? Even after you think you have tried almost …Read More

Profile PhotoMamta SharmaDecember 24, 2019

2 NLP Presuppositions related to Choices that you must know about

In this post, we are going to explore something really important i.e. choices and we do so with the help …Read More

Profile PhotoNitin ShahDecember 6, 2019

NLP model of communication – Probably the most comprehensive model on communication

NLP Communication model developed by Richard Bandler & John Grinder explains how we receive information, process it and how it influences the way we communicateRead More

Profile PhotoNitin ShahSeptember 13, 2018

NLP and CBT – Two Sides of the Same Coin?

If you have been looking to build your skills as therapist, you have probably heard about these terms more than …Read More

Profile PhotoMamta SharmaMarch 7, 2018

Effective Interviewing with Meta Model – Surface Structure vs Deep Structure

In the previous post we looked at the purpose of Meta Model questions during interview process and also got an …Read More

Profile PhotoNitin ShahFebruary 12, 2018

Most effective tool for taking interviews? – NLP Meta Model

NLP Meta Model is a collection of a really useful set of questions that can be used to collect specific …Read More

Profile PhotoNitin ShahFebruary 12, 2018

Who is responsible for the mess we experience in our life?

Introduction There is a very interesting and powerful NLP Presupposition on being responsible: easy-tweet tweet=”We are all #responsible for our …Read More

Profile PhotoNitin ShahOctober 29, 2017

NLP lead and representational system – Complete guide

Introduction In this post we will explore one of the most important and controversial NLP concept, the Lead and Representation …Read More

Profile PhotoNitin ShahOctober 25, 2017

Is there really no failure, only feedback – NLP Presupposition

Introduction In this article we will focus on understanding the NLP presupposition “There is no failure , only feedback.” Think …Read More

Profile PhotoNitin ShahOctober 18, 2017

Is NLP a therapy and what is its role in Cognitive Hypnotic Psychotherapy?

In this post we will quickly look at what is NLP, is NLP a therapy, why is it a part …Read More

Profile PhotoNitin ShahOctober 12, 2017

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