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Winning Hearts – Politics and Hypnosis

Politics and Hypnosis, an interesting combination, isn’t it? Have you ever noticed how heated discussions over politics and political parties …

HypnosisSelf HelpAlt ViewsMental Health

Mindfulness, Self Hypnosis and Meditation – Distant Cousins?

Before we talk about the similarities and differences between Mindfulness, Self Hypnosis and Meditation, let us quickly look at what …

Psychotherapy & CoachingDisordersFor Therapists

Overcoming Generalized Anxiety Disorder: Step by step guide

Introduction In this post, we will focus on Generalized Anxiety Disorder What is it? What are its causes and symptoms? …

Psychotherapy & CoachingDisordersFor TherapistsMental HealthResearch

Schizophrenia: Meaning, Causes, Symptoms & Treatment

Introduction What truly is logic? Who decides reason? Ground shattering questions powerfully put forth by John Forbes Nash Jr. in …

Psychotherapy & CoachingDisordersFor Therapists

Bipolar Disorder: Meaning, Types & Treatment

Introduction In this post we would focus on Bipolar Disorder: what is it, its types and its treatment easy-tweet tweet=”Everyone …

HypnosisPsychotherapy & CoachingFor TherapistsPhysical HealthResearch

Why Hypnosis for Pain Relief is highly recommended?

Before we look at the application of Hypnosis for Pain (chronic) relief, let us understand what is chronic pain. Any …

Psychotherapy & CoachingCoachingFor Therapists

7 Habits of Highly Effective Coaches and Therapists

Introduction Remember the book, “The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People” by Stephen Covey? The book has remained a bestseller …

Psychotherapy & CoachingCoachingFor Therapists

8 Reasons Why Therapists and Coaches Love the Cognitive Hypnotic Coaching and Psychotherapy Program?

Why do so many people from all over the country (and other countries!) try to attend the Cognitive Hypnotic Coaching …

NLPCognitive TherapiesFor TherapistsInfographics

NLP and CBT – Two Sides of the Same Coin?

If you have been looking to build your skills as therapist, you have probably heard about these terms more than …

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