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Self HelpConceptsFor Therapists

Are you some one you know struggling with Negative Self-Talk? – 5 Quick actionable tips to create Positive Self-Talk

We all talk to ourselves more often then we think. The quality of internal chatter also known as self-talk to …

Self HelpConceptsFor Therapists

Is Self-Doubt and lack of Self-Belief stopping you from reaching your goals? – 5 simple tips

Astha has clear goals in her mind. She is aware of the steps to be taken to reach her goals. …

Psychotherapy & CoachingCognitive TherapiesConcepts

15 Unhelpful thinking styles that you need to be careful about

Introduction We communicate with ourselves with the help of our thoughts. The quality of our thoughts is one of the …

Psychotherapy & CoachingConceptsFor Therapists

Self-Concept – What is it, why you must know about it and its importance in Psychotherapy

If you were to introduce yourself in a few sentences, how would you define yourself? You will mostly rely on …


If you are a journalist, you must know this about conversational hypnosis

In this post we will focus on understanding what is conversational hypnosis and why journalists and news channels must know …

Self HelpGoals

Fear of failure – Meaning, Causes and 7 Simple Actionable Tips to Overcome it

Introduction Almost everyone wants to achieve success and avoid failure. That said many a times the road to success is …

HypnosisPsychotherapy & CoachingCase StudyCognitive TherapiesFor Therapists

Why learning hypnosis must be mandatory for all counsellors?

In this post we will focus on understanding what is the role of a counsellor and how hypnotic counselling can …

Self HelpGoals

Consistency is the Key to Success: 6 Simple actionable tips to develop consistency

Introduction Every successful coach or therapist who specialises in helping others achieve success will tell you that Consistency is the …

Self HelpRelationship

Work-Life Balance: 7 Simple actionable tips that you can benefit from immediately

Introduction The importance of Work-life balance is being highlighted in more and more researches. But we don’t even need a …

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