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Psychotherapy & CoachingConcepts

Psychodynamic Theory: Core Concepts, Limitations and its role in Eclectic Therapy

The psychodynamic theory includes all those theories in psychology which believe that human functioning is based upon the interaction of …

HypnosisPsychotherapy & CoachingCoaching

What is Cognitive Hypnotic Coaching?

In life coaching, there are many models to help a client achieve an outcome. You have probably heard of the …

Psychotherapy & CoachingCoaching

Why is the $2 Billion Coaching Industry a Brilliant Career Option?

The coaching industry is booming, being the second-fastest-growing sector in the world within the past 10 years.  Without question, the …

HypnosisAlt Views

Make Them Buy: Hypnosis in Advertising

Hypnosis has always been used consciously or unconsciously for persuasion & influence. Advertising is one of the most remarkable applications of hypnosis in action

Psychotherapy & CoachingSelf HelpConceptsMental Health

The most powerful and effective tool to develop and experience Mindfulness

Have you also wondered whether mindfulness is difficult or simple to achieve? Are you tired of hearing or reading this …

HypnosisNLPPsychotherapy & CoachingAlt ViewsCoachingCognitive TherapiesConceptsFor Therapists

For therapists and coaches, Learning NLP without Hypnosis is Like…..

Conventional therapeutic practices typically took a long time to yield results that clients look for. This led to a search …

HypnosisPsychotherapy & Coaching

What is Past Life Regression Therapy?

Past Life Regression Therapy is one of the most controversial at the same time sought after therapy. Past-life regression is …

Psychotherapy & CoachingConceptsMental Health

What is Confidentiality in Therapy? – With Exceptions

Before you read any further, we must emphasize that client confidentiality in therapy is an integral part of a therapist’s …

HypnosisNLPPsychotherapy & Coaching

What is Cognitive Hypnotic Psychotherapy?

The story of the blind men and the elephant is a fitting metaphor for the sheer number of psychotherapy approaches …

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