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What Participants have to say about ICHARS NLP Training in Mumbai & Pune?

ICHARS team is extremely dedicated and sincere. I would definitely recommend this institute to anyone who wishes to see changes in their life personally and professionally with the help of... read more

Janhavi Kelaskar Avatar
Janhavi Kelaskar

The best course I've attended. The complex concepts simplified in a way become easily applicable in real psychotherapy practice. Highly recommended.

محمد السرحان Avatar
محمد السرحان

Being a psychology student, I was always fascinated about hypnosis and the way it works. I was looking for the right place from where I can learn hypnotherapy. ICHARS gave... read more

Isha Sawant Avatar
Isha Sawant

Problems with Standard NLP Training
in Mumbai & Pune?

  1. Standard NLP Training Programs only focus on different models and techniques from NLP. But they don’t really provide you with is conceptual clarity about why and how these techniques were created, what do you do when standard NLP techniques don’t work and how do you apply these techniques systematically to get desired results.
  2. NLP coaching programs, provided they include extensive training and post-workshop support, attempt to cover the techniques and their application towards coaching. But still they don’t provide conceptual clarity about why and how these techniques were created, what do you do when they don’t work.
  3. Some NLP training programs offer post-workshop support and mentoring at an additional cost. Given that some of the NLP techniques are literally transformational and multi-layered, doing an NLP program without post-workshop support is like attending a motivational program at the end of which you feel your life is transformed but after a week or two, you are back to where you began from.
Attending a normal NLP training program is like learning to drive a car. As long as the car works, you can drive around. But if you don’t have a map (support and framework for application) then you may still not reach the desired outcome. And if the car breaks down you are stuck because you don’t know the nuts and bolts of how the car works (conceptual understanding of what NLP techniques are based on).

Why ICHARS NLP Training
in Mumbai & Pune?

  1. Integrating Hypnosis Concepts, Mindfulness and Coaching Competencies as a part of our NLP Training Program
    • Since most NLP change processes are based in Hypnosis and mindfulness, by incorporating hypnosis and mindfulness in this course, we ensure that you understand how these techniques were created and what to do when these techniques don’t work.
    • Incorporating Coaching Competencies and Coaching Framework ensures that the participants have a structured format in which they can apply the NLP techniques with their clients to achieve desired outcomes.
  2. Extensive Supervised NLP Practice Sessions:
    We have done this by integrating online modules with Classroom training. Since we are able to cover most theoretical concepts in the online modules, the majority of the time in the classroom NLP training is dedicated to supervised practice sessions.
  3. Post Workshop Support:
    We provide ongoing support to all our NLP training participants both during the training programs and after completion of the programs. This support is via multiple mediums: On-call, Online support groups and dedicated whatsapp groups. We also organise practice sessions and refresher courses from time to time.
Curriculum Structure

Cognitive Hypnotic Coaching

NLP+ Coach Certification (Level 1 to 3)

For Trainers, Coaches and CXO’s

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Cognitive Hypnotic Psychotherapy

NLP+ Therapy Certification (Level 1 to 5)

For Psychologists, Psychiatrists, Social Workers

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Upcoming NLP Training in Mumbai & Pune (Level 1 dates)

Level 1Oct 11 to 13 ‘2019Early registration:
Rs. 12000 – Enroll Now
Misba Shah
Level 1Nov 15 to 17 ‘2019Early registration:
Rs. 12000 – Enroll Now
Misba Shah
Level 1Dec 27 to 29 ‘2019Early registration:
Rs. 12000 – Enroll Now
Misba Shah
Level 1Nov 01 to 03 ‘2019Early registration:
Rs. 12000 – Enroll Now
Misba Shah
Level 1Dec 20 to 22 ‘2019Early registration:
Rs. 12000 – Enroll Now
Misba Shah

Why are NLP Practitioner Certification and Master Practitioner Certification divided into multiple levels?

  1. Since our NLP Programs include concepts from Hypnosis, Coaching, Mindfulness and guided imagery, they are a lot more comprehensive than standard NLP Programs. This makes it important for us to structure the program in a way that you, our participant, can benefit the most from it.
  2. Dividing the NLP practitioner course into three levels allows us to chunk down the amount of information that is provided in one program. This allows you enough time to internalise and practice the NLP learnings and techniques more efficiently.
  3. The gap between each level of the NLP Training Program also allows you the opportunity to master what you have learnt and apply it in your real life before bombarding yourself with more concepts and techniques.

Because of the multiple modalities integrated into the course, you also receive multiple certifications. The registered title that we use for Level 1 to 3 is “Cognitive Hypnotic Coaching“. Certifications received after level 3 are NLP Practitioner and Cognitive Hypnotic Coach.

If you are a Mental health practitioner and pursue level 4 and 5, the certificates you receive include Cognitive Hypnotic Psychotherapy and NLP Master Practitioner. If you are not a mental health practitioner you can enrol for the NLP master practitioner course and receive the master practitioner certification after the program.

Participants Love ICHARS NLP Training Programs

It has been a journey of knowing oneself. Through the process, learnings and experiences of workshop especially, I have gathered a better understanding of mind and solutions of the issues... read more

Priyashi Srivastava Avatar
Priyashi Srivastava

The course made me realize the complexity of human psyche and helped me understand the scope of psychotherapy not only in personal development and behavioural issues but also in psychosomatic... read more

Padma Puppala Avatar
Padma Puppala

Level 2 was really enriching and empowering.It really changed the whole way of viewing and perceiving the world around us.NIthin sir was a powerhouse of information with answers to every... read more

srividya i Avatar
srividya i

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