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What is Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP) ?

Applications of NLP

NLP has wide applications in the fields of:

  • Coaching
  • Counselling
  • Training
  • Leadership
  • Personal development
  • Business
  • Negotiations
  • Mass Communication
  • Education
  • Marketing
  • Sales
  • a lot more

If you are a coach, trainer, counsellor, therapist, psychologist, doctor, teacher or in any other profession that involves helping other people create meaningful change in their lives, NLP techniques and strategies, can help you guide your client to achieve excellence in any and all areas of their lives.

How can you benefit from NLP?

  • Intelligently manage your thoughts and emotions
  • Help others manage their thoughts and emotions
  • Build instant and deep rapport with people
  • Effective negotiation and persuasive skills
  • Empower and motivate yourself and others
  • Create success and achievement in yourself and others
  • Get rid of fears and phobias
  • STOP unproductive and unhealthy habits
  • End self-sabotaging decisions and attitudes
  • Become a highly skilled and powerful communicator
  • Develop strong relationships
  • Overcome limiting beliefs and install empowering ones

And More

Problems with Standard NLP Training​


Missing Structured Application

Standard NLP Training Programs only focus on different models and techniques from NLP.

But they don’t really elaborate on how these techniques can be applied systematically to get desired results in a coaching, training or a psychotherapy session.

Lack of Conceptual Clarity

NLP coaching programs, provided they include extensive training and post-workshop support, attempt to cover the techniques and their application towards coaching. But still they don’t provide conceptual clarity about why and how these techniques were created, what do you do when these techniques don’t work.

Post Workshop Support

Some NLP training programs offer post-workshop support and mentoring at an additional cost.

Given that NLP techniques are literally transformational and multi-layered, doing a NLP program without post-workshop support is like attending a motivational program at the end of which you feel your life is transformed but after a week or two, you are back to where you began from.

What makes NLP Programs from ICHARS Different?


Coaching Certification

Incorporating Coaching Competencies and Coaching Framework ensures that the participants have a structured format in which they can apply the NLP techniques with their clients to achieve desired outcomes.

Integrating Hypnosis and Mindfulness with NLP

Since most NLP change processes are based in Hypnosis and mindfulness, by incorporating hypnosis and mindfulness in this course, we ensure that you understand how these techniques were created and what to do when these techniques don’t work.

Extensive Supervised NLP Practice Sessions:

We have done this by integrating online modules with Classroom training. Since we are able to cover most theoretical concepts in the online modules, the majority of the time in the classroom NLP training is dedicated to supervised practice sessions.

Post Workshop Support

We provide ongoing support to all our NLP training participants both during the training programs and after completion of the programs. This support is via multiple mediums: On-call, Online support groups and dedicated whatsapp groups. We also organise practice sessions and refresher courses from time to time.

ICHARS NLP Course Curriculum

Cognitive Hypnotic Coaching™ (Level 1 to 2)

Hypnotic Coaching + NLP Practitioner Certification for
  • People who want to be a Professional Coach, Consultant or Mentor and start with a rewarding career, helping people move from where they are to where they want to be.
  • CEO, Senior Executive, Professional, Head of Department & Managers who wish to bring back to their organisation and contribute to its success.
  • Practicing coaches and trainers who wish to develop advanced coaching skills enabling them to go from good to a great practitioner.

CHCP Brochure
Hypnosis NLP Mindfulness CBT Coaching - Best NLP Training
Hypnosis NLP Mindfulness CBT Eclectic Therapy - Best NLP Training

Cognitive Hypnotic Psychotherapy™
(Level 1 to 4)

Clinical Hypnotherapy + NLP Practitioner + NLP Master Practitioner + Therapy Certification for
  • Mental health professionals (Psychologist, Psychiatrist, Counselor)
  • Registered health practitioner (Medicines, Dentistry, Ayurveda, Yoga, Homeopathy…..)
  • Students pursuing a course in mental health

CHCP Brochure

Reviews From Our NLP+ Participants

  • protima ekka Avatarprotima ekka

    Today that the course of Clinical Hypnosis is over, I proudly want to share that it was an amazing course that not just helped me grow as a hypnotherapist but a person as a whole. The techniques and the concepts I learned are eye openers to one self and... read more


    ICHARS provided me with a beautifully and comprehensively designed CHCP program. I completed all my 5 levels here and these levels did not only help my clients but helped me as well. Now I know how to perfectly handle my own thoughts and emotions. I would reccomend this place to... read more

  • Runjhun Sharma AvatarRunjhun Sharma

    Level - 1 (basic practitioner course) has definitely helped me to understand people and most importantly myself.
    As a therapy it works beautifully
    A big thanks to Ms. Mamta sharma for teaching us level 1 so effectively and making us understand the concepts easily
    A detailed training with in depth...
    read more

    Tanya Sachdeva AvatarTanya Sachdeva

    Coming from a psychology background I would highly recommend this course to everyone especially psychology students because it will make you understand the power of subconscious and why people do what they do in other words ‘intentions’ of an action. Thanks to ichars and Mamta ma’am for being such a... read more

  • Reshma Ashar AvatarReshma Ashar

    It's been a great opportunity and unique learning experience to learn from Nitin Sir and Paulomi Ma'am. The way both the faculties imparted their knowledge was profound, commendable and practical application based. I recommend all my fellow friends and colleagues from the psychology fraternity to give a thought and learn... read more


    The entire journey from level 1 to 5 has been full of learning. It has transformed me at both personal and professional levels. The techniques and concepts in the entire curriculum is wonderful for people in the field of Psychology and Related Sciences. I feel more 'Confident' and 'Skilled' in... read more

  • ramneet kaur Avatarramneet kaur


    I have attended the CHC Level 1 which is rhe Basic Practitioner Course for Cognitive Hypnotic Coaching and I am glad I did. It now makes more sense to me as to learn Hypnosis as a therapy to help people and myself. The way it is taught and inducted is...
    read more

    Hashim Adil AvatarHashim Adil

    Mr. Nitin is a Gem you gonna find when it comes to Hypnosis. He know his work and involves at all level. He goes beyond the boundary line to support his participants to experience Transformation. I recommend his services to all who really want to experience REAL Transformation in Life.... read more

  • protima ekka Avatarprotima ekka

    Today that the course of Clinical Hypnosis is over, I proudly want to share that it was an amazing course that not just helped me grow as a hypnotherapist but a person as a whole. The techniques and the concepts I learned are eye openers to one self and... read more

    Steve Correa AvatarSteve Correa

    Misba Shah conducted the BPC - Level One programme and it was very insightful and engaging. She demonstrated very good grasp of the subject and was able to convey all the points powerfully and effectively. She demonstrated the techniques with panache and helped us build skills in doing the same.... read more

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  • Access to Level 2, 3, 4 online modules after completing level 1, 2, 3 respectively.

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