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Online course in Eclectic Psychotherapy

Eclectic Approach to Psychotherapy

A comprehensive introduction to different approaches to psychotherapy along with effective ways of integrating them into a seamless eclectic approach that works on all components of a problem be it behaviours, thoughts, emotions, beliefs, values, defence mechanisms, secondary gain, traumas and repressed memories.

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Success Principles online course

Success Principles

Discover and replicate the 5 secret keys to success that are present in all high achievers. Start to achieve more in a faster and more efficient manner.

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Effective Questioning Skills

Effective Questioning Skills

Effective listening and effective questioning are like the two sides of the same coin. You cannot experience the benefits of effective listening without effective questioning and you cannot ask effective questions without effective listening.

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Training Programs for Institutes

For Corporate

Whether it is our end-to-end training solution, one-on-one executive coaching, group training or anything in between, ICHARS has the knowledge, expertise, and specialization to deliver custom strategic learning and development solutions.

For Schools and Colleges

ICHARS offers two unique workshops that help teachers and students develop skills to improve their performance. Our training methods focus not just on developing skills but also on help teachers and students manage their thoughts and emotions.

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