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It was a great learning experience with ICHARS. The Relationship Counselling and Anxiety Counselling courses were great. Very structured and systematic. I use most of the models that were taught... read more

Sumati Nair Avatar
Sumati Nair
02 Apr 2021

I have done CHCP level one and enjoyed the experience thoroughly. The course is very well designed and very well facilitated. The course has helped me be confident of the... read more

Nidhi Nair Avatar
Nidhi Nair
10 Mar 2021

I absolutely loved the training experience from ICHARS. The training is extensive and combines principles from different perspectives which makes it one of the best course. I feel more confident... read more

Saanchi Khanna Avatar
Saanchi Khanna
10 Mar 2021

It was a wonderful learning experience (Level 1 & 2) with ICHARS. The relationship course is great for a deeper understanding on how people function and how to understand relationships... read more

Disha Nakra Avatar
Disha Nakra
29 Jan 2021

Always a good time with the facilitator of ICHARS. Learn so much about yourself while in training. An open platform that welcomes questions and doubts is rare. And there ability... read more

Aashray Mohan Avatar
Aashray Mohan
08 Jan 2021

There's a lot of learning specially in a structured format through all the modules taught at ICHARS. The trainers are amazing and the course content helps you feel quite confident... read more

Pratishtha Raj Avatar
Pratishtha Raj
08 Jan 2021

Loved the anxiety counselling workshop. The session was so well planned. Got to learn a lot of new techniques. The trainer is also very nice and helpful. She answered all... read more

Chanchal Agarwal Avatar
Chanchal Agarwal
08 Jan 2021

I have been taking courses with ICHARS since a long time now. And I must say that it bridges the demand-supply gap for therapy training programs that are practical and... read more

Vedangi Singh Avatar
Vedangi Singh
27 Dec 2020

M&M are one of the most amazing duo that I have met. They are kind, thoughtful and patient. They make it a point to answer all your queries, even though... read more

Dr. Moushumi Gongopadhyay Avatar
Dr. Moushumi Gongopadhyay
20 Dec 2020

One of the best Institute to learn Hypnosis.

Chaitali Shinde Avatar
Chaitali Shinde
07 Apr 2020

Attended Goal setting workshop on 5th Jan 2020. Great insights and lot of clarity gained. Thank you Mr Nitin, you shared your experience and were freely sharing tips. It was... read more

Melisha Dcosta Avatar
Melisha Dcosta
09 Jan 2020

Insightful and Infrmative Session on Goal Setting and Social Media.
Thank You Nitn for the prodctive ime spent and Thank You Asif for arranging it for us!
Please accept my Gratitude!!

Alankar Mhatre Avatar
Alankar Mhatre
09 Jan 2020

The courses taught at ICHARS are comprehensive and have a life changing effect. I've learnt a lot in the months I've been associated to them. It's definitely something I would... read more

Siddharth Bantval Avatar
Siddharth Bantval
17 Sep 2019

Great Trainers and facilitators. Nitin Shah would just have answers to almost all your questions and you'd be satisfied with them. Hypnotherapy on the other hand is the best form... read more

Arshiya A Qazi Avatar
Arshiya A Qazi
01 Aug 2019

The facilitators are great. They know what they are teaching. Nitin Shah could just have every answer to your question. This method of therapy is brilliant. Never knew a therapy... read more

Arsh Anjum Avatar
Arsh Anjum
29 Jul 2019
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