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ICHARS is dedicated to enabling coaches and mental health practitioners create a happier, healthier, more fulfilling world by helping them develop advanced coaching and therapeutic skills with comprehensive, step-by-step training. This enables them to serve their clients better and meet their professional and personal goals.

  • Vision

    Quality mental health services accessible for everyone
  • Mission

    Enabling mental health practitioners to create a happier, healthier, more fulfilling world, by providing comprehensive, step-by-step training and connecting them to those in need
  • Values


What we do

Training Programs​

Our training programs include helping practitioners develop advanced coaching and therapeutic skills, and personal excellence programs focusing on helping participants develop skills, achieve desired outcomes, and live more healthier, happier, fulfilling lives.​

Private Consultations​

One-on-one coaching and therapy sessions for helping people define and achieve desired outcomes and resolve any mental and emotional challenges.​

Awareness Initiatives​

To help people understand the importance of taking care of their mental health and to normalize seeking professional help by visiting a mental health practitioner.​

Our Approach

  • 1
    At ICHARS, we believe in a solution-focused, person-centric approach to help our students and clients achieve their goals and create sustainable change naturally and effortlessly.
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    Our institution is based on a solid value system of wisdom, quality, ecology and approachability where we believe creating change is not only about overcoming weaknesses, but also about discovering and applying our strengths.
  • 3
    And we do it by integrating the major approaches in psychology with the best practices in NLP, hypnosis, mindfulness and metaphors, highly skilled practitioners, and a unique and powerful model of change that works with both the conscious and the unconscious mind.

ICHARS Journey...


Journey began

  1. Institute of Clinical Hypnosis and Related Sciences (ICHARS) was incorporated with the objective to help mental health practitioners develop advanced therapeutic skills.
  2. Pilot programs on Hypnosis, NLP and Metaphors organized for practising therapists

Launch of a truly eclectic course in psychotherapy

Launched version 1 of the Cognitive Hypnotic Psychotherapy program (then called the Cognitive Hypnotic Behavioural Programming).

The first workshop was conducted with psychology teachers from selected institutes. A decision based on feedback was taken to restrict access to the Psychotherapy Course only for people from a background in Psychology or Medicines.


1st Workshop outside Mumbai

With the awareness about the Cognitive Hypnotic Psychotherapy approach growing and the amazing reviews that we started pouring in, we spread our wings and launched workshops outside Mumbai 


Post Level Online Modules

Creating a hybrid model for training and learning by incorporating post-workshop online modules (containing demonstrations of techniques) in addition to the live training sessions. CHP Courses 100 Student Mark

Online Modules

Restructuring of the Practitioners courses by adding pre-level online modules and making the mandatory before attending live sessions. This enables an increased focus on practice sessions during live training.


Coaching Certification

  1. Initiated the Cognitive Hypnotic Coaching Certification Program by integrating the super powerful SOFT SEA Coaching model with techniques from Hypnosis and NLP
  2. CHCP crosses 500 Student Mark

ICHARS Support Foundation incorporated

A Non-profit organisation, dedicated to spreading mental health awareness and supporting mental health practitioners in creating an emotionally and financially fulfilling practice

Focus on Non-profit activities

  1. Setting up of Charitable therapy center
  2. Multiple awareness programs with the help of our CHCP Participants and interns
  3. Additional Online course on ICHARS website

The year of Firsts

  • CHC and CHP Diploma instituted
  • CHC Diploma becomes virtual
  • CHCP crosses 1000 student mark
  • Online Support Group Kick-off
  • Short internship programs begin
  • TruTalks and PsyTalks: Exclusive Live series launched

Core Team

Misba Shah Coach Therapist -

Misba Shah

Director ICHARS and ICHARS Support Foundation

A dedicated and passionate trainer cum facilitator with extensive experience in Life Coaching, Human Resource and performance enhancement.
Nitin Shah

Nitin Shah

CEO ICHARS and Director ICHARS Support Foundation

An author, educator, therapist & Cognitive Hypnotic Coach who has trained over 800 mental health professionals & touched over 50000 minds

Mamta Sharma -

Mamta Sharma

Director ICHARS Support Foundation

With a passion for understanding how the mind works, she uses her expertise as a Life Coach to help individuals nurture and develop their mental abilities

Other Initiatives by ICHARS

ICHARS support Foundation logo -

ICHARS Support Foundation

A non-profit organization focusing on promoting the mental health CASE – Bringing about Change through Awareness, Support and EEducation.

Get more details:

Website | Facebook | Linkedin

VisitMhpChallenge Logo -

Visit MHP Challenge

A challenge instituted for spreading awareness about the importance of visiting a mental health practitioner not just as a cure to mental illness but also for maintaining and fostering mental health.

Get more details:

Website | Facebook | Instagram

Destiny of choice book -

Destiny of Choice

On one hand, Destiny of Choice is a tale of romance and its tragic challenges. On the other hand, it is an incredibly powerful manual for living a happy life. The book is based on the events in the life on Misba Shah (Our Director) and Nitin Shah (Our CEO).

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Website | Buy from Amazon

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