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Creating Change (Un)Consciously

  • I loved my experience and training with Nitin and Paulomi. Nitin is a wonderful human being and an excellent trainer. He is intelligent is an understatement, he takes no time... read more

    Anamika Jain Avatar
    Anamika Jain

    Coming from a psychology background I would highly recommend this course to everyone especially psychology students because it will make you understand the power of subconscious and why people do... read more

    Tanya Sachdeva Avatar
    Tanya Sachdeva

    Just attended a seminar on Goal setting for Psychologists. The program was consise at the same time created a strong awareness on the steps to be taken to move... read more

    Sapna Shetty Avatar
    Sapna Shetty
  • The course made me realize the complexity of human psyche and helped me understand the scope of psychotherapy not only in personal development and behavioural issues but also in psychosomatic... read more

    Padma Puppala Avatar
    Padma Puppala

    It's been a great opportunity and unique learning experience to learn from Nitin Sir and Paulomi Ma'am. The way both the faculties imparted their knowledge was profound, commendable and practical... read more

    Reshma Ashar Avatar
    Reshma Ashar

    The best course I've attended. The complex concepts simplified in a way become easily applicable in real psychotherapy practice. Highly recommended.

    محمد السرحان Avatar
    محمد السرحان

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